Links 6/21/08

Global war deaths have been substantially underestimated PhysOrg

Soros, the Man Who Cries Wolf, Now Is Warning of a ‘Superbubble’ Greg Ip, Wall Street Journal. Maybe Soros simply underestimated the tenacity and resourcefulness of the power that be in keeping the charade going well past its sell-by date.

How to save money on gas Jim Hamilton, Econbrowser. A real sign of the times.

British Airways raises fuel charges for high-flyers Times Online. Ditto.

The witch’s hat Macro Man. If you believe in technical indicators, some reasons to be worried.

Good Inflation? Doug Noland, Prudent Bear. For those not familiar with his weekly offering, scroll past the news compilation to find his essay.

Four bits of information to help understand China a little better … Brad Setser

Antidote du jour:

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