Links 6/25/08

Chicago locals beware the birds BBC

Renewed respect as geisha make a comeback – and take to cyberspace Guardian

Japan Requires Mandatory Obesity Exams for Employees CNN (video)

The Weapon of Mass Destruction Is Cancer R.B. Stuart, Huffington Post

Report Assails Political Hiring in Justice Dept. New York Times. Quelle surprise!

The Great Pendulum of Economic Outrage Is About to Swing Again Robert Reich

Firm location determines equity issuance PhysOrg

Measurement Error and Measures of Achievement Mark Thoma

Private Mortgage Insurers Feel the Mortgage Hit Adam Levitt, Credit Slips

If the Fed Is So Easy, Why Is the Growth in Money and Credit Aggregates So Weak? Paul Kasriel, Safe Haven (hat tip Michael Shedlock)

Commodity Peak, Dollar Bottom Brian Wesbury, Robert Stein, First Trust. An alternate scenario (hat tip Real Clear Markets). However, David Rosaenberg at Merrill still has his Fed funs forecast for 2009 at 1%.

10 Year VIX versus SPX The Big Picture

Why not more articles on China’s reserve growth? And just who are Chinese banks lending to? Brad Setser

Also, I wanted to let readers know that John Jansen, who writes the bond markets blog Across the Curve is back after taking time off because his father had passed away.

Antidote du jour:

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