Links 7/2/08

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Nelson Mandela taken off US terror list BBC

Hi-Ho, Steroids, Away! David Engber, Slate. Key quote:

But in this case, the lawmakers and industry officials happened to use the wrong arguments to reach the right conclusion. In fact, horse racing is the only major sport that should ban steroids from competition.

US leads world in substance abuse, WHO finds Reuters

Los Angeles Pays Damages as Ficus Jungle Breaks Up Sidewalks Blooomberg

TV viewers’ average age hits 50 Variety. Note that excludes DVR users.

Mean Reversion After Bad Months Mebane Faber, World Beta

Gaming Industry Recession-PRONE, not Recession-Proof Bill Conerly

The WTO tipping point Richard Baldwin, VoxEU. Argues that the WTO is on the way to becoming peripheral, and what would replace it is likely to be worse.

Central banks still buy dollars when no one else wants to … Brad Setser

Antidote du jour:

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