Links 7/30/08

Thai school offers transsexual toilet BBC

Women end up less happy than men PhysOrg

Paterson: State Deficit Up $1.4B Over Last 90 Days Governor Says Damage On Wall Street ‘Infecting’ State CBS (hat tip reader Michael)

Nameless “Experts” Mourn Failure of WTO Round Dean Baker

Economics of catastrophe Paul Krugman

Super-Senior Tranches of CDOs are Worth Much Less than 22 Cents on the Dollar: Another Ponzi Scheme of “Selling” Toxic Garbage with More Leverage Nouriel Roubini. In case you had any doubts as to where he stands on this matter….

Dealers may change some CDS contract terms Reuters (hat tip Alea)

The Button Men Skeptical CPA. Useful case precedent on an issue that has troubled many relative to the Bear hedge fund indictments.

The repugnant bailout nation Bill Fleckenstein (hat tip The Nattering Naybob)

Covered by whom? Bonds on what? Steve Waldman. Steve is back! And he is pretty skeptical of covered bonds for some not-standard reasons.

Antidote du jour:

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  1. microbrew

    Yeah, adorable until they start feeding.

    It’s Shark Week on Discovery Channel, coincidence?

  2. Coyoteville

    You should give some credit to Watertiger at as that picture is her masthead.

  3. Kevin Carson

    Economist Dean Baker, author of The Conservative Nanny State, is the guest for this week’s chat at The Art of the Possible blog. Wednesday, August 6, from 7-8 PM EST (6-7 Central).

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