Links 7/9/08

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‘Drowning’ elephants rescued BBC

Fringe autism treatment could get federal study PhysOrg

Why Most Who Lose Their Jobs Don’t Get Unemployment Benefits Robert Reich

Procter & Gamble to Increase Prices as Much as 16% Bloomberg (hat tip Ed Harrison). I missed this story, but what is interesting is that they are holding off on price increases until September (um, to give consumers time to stockpile?) and they intend to recover 1/3 of their cost via distribution savings. In a time of high shipping costs, that sound like double-speak (they can’t dictate end prices and squeeze retailers….).

Mercedes to cut petroleum out of lineup by 2015 EcoGeek

Welcome to a world with $500 oil Willem Buiter

The GOP’s December Surprise James Galbraith (hat tip Mark Thoma)

Shanghai seems to discount the fight against inflation Michael Pettis

UAE & Other Gulf Countries Urged to Switch Currency Peg from the Dollar to a Basket That Includes Oil Jeff Frankel

3,200 Martial Arts Studios Went Out Of Business In May Michael Shedlock

Antidote du jour. I could have adopted a cat that was described as an Abyssinian colored football. But the cat was in Michigan and I was in New York, so that never came to pass. I now have an idea of what I missed:

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  1. Anonymous


    Seems like we have had fewer pet pix lately, and I’m wondering if there is a correlation that can be used as a barometer?

  2. Yves Smith

    When I was a kid, our cat weighed 27 lbs. but he was the size of a small pony and not as fat as the cat in the photo.

    I try to have a mix of photos and not have just cats and dogs, although I do have a lot of very cute pet pictures. Didn’t realize, however, that I may have been going overboard in the wild critter pix (which BTW are harder to find).

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