1. Anonymous

    This is more like it — thank you. To me, this represents a slowing economy that is teetering on collapse. I also see risk which is unmanaged and unregulated, thus this is like the covered bond mkt or CDS derivative implosions where some of the cute kitties of the world have taken to the teats of debt and are holding on my threads and little tiny fabric-like hairs that are blowing in the wind!

  2. Anonymous

    Kitty is astride a model of an old Triumph Bonneville, about late 60s vintage. I suggest that a Triumph of the early 50s vintage would be more appropriate, for that is where the US economy is headed. 20/80 mortgage loans, little credit available to those who need it but sufficient credit available to those with assets;ie,…If you don’t need to borrow money, you can.

    See: Chase Suspends Non-Conforming Mortgages

    “This is incredible; to get a refi with an arm with interest only payments, you need to have $250,000 in the bank! Mortgage money IS available; but only to those who don’t need it. This is more proof of your peak credit/credit crunch scenario.”



  3. Anonymous

    So what’s the message here? You don’t have time to blog, but you have time to put animals in unnatural positions and photograph them?

  4. Anonymous

    Anon at 7:58…Yves is doing an excellent job. Do you have something constructive to add…or, do you simply enjoy whining?


  5. doc

    Re: put animals in unnatural positions and photograph them?

    The more I study this, the more manipulation I see, i.e, this is an analogy where kitty is going towards The Discount Window, but the bike represents an inability to get through the day without synthetic support, which goes back to the issue of suckling off the teats and weaning, which is also related to the photoshop’d motorcycle — that is — I think the bike does not really exist!

  6. doc holiday

    It is a visual metaphor, one where the bike represents the old America, the past, a time when credit and stocks and economics were based on accounting reality, whereas the kitty is suggestive of the future, the young wall street fraudster wolves dressed in sheepskin or in this case, kitty fur. The young guns have been brought up on an endless supply of synthetic derivative milk which can be milked from a dried up teat that is now obviously as empty as the brains of these crooks!

  7. Anonymous

    I don’t like forcing animals into unatural positions. My goodness, imagine the possibilities if they were stuffed!

    Get the picture? This must have been posted by one of the guests.

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