1. Anonymous

    I see this as a struggle between market participants caught between the relative safety of a liquidity trap versus attempting to stay out of the jaws of a bear market. This conflict of free will is offset by an inefficient market that pits the forces of darwinism against the fates of luck and chance.

  2. Anonymous

    I see the salmon as misdirected capital. If the bear at this waterfall does’nt eat the fish there is always another waterfall and another bear waiting.


  3. Chris

    It is all so simple: life goes on in its own channels no matter what. There’s no debt or financial system in this picture just two species with their purposes/appetites (hunger/reproduction) using different means. On the one side patience, work, great balance, agility and strength. On the other strength and perseverance and unshakable commitment to the goal. But neither species have the reason to do things differently.

  4. Anonymous

    I see cascading credit defaults which have created a bear market and thus the salmon represents homeowners that are caught in a tsunami of liquidity linked to global credit fraud and over-valuation which has placed them square in the jaws of reality. The salmon may get away here, but as previously posted by anon there will be other dangers ahead and then the final challenge of seasonality (sorry baby).

    As for chris, there should be an oil rig in the background and the mighty power of man destroying the environment at the fastest possible pace… You need to cloak that Republican thing

  5. Anonymous

    I see the bear taking great risk to stay alive and cling to the slippery slopes, but then again, maybe taking too much risk for such a small reward is the point here of the failing and defaulting hedge funds, who have gone out on limbs from which they can’t get back from!

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