Links 8/18/08

Australian plea for ‘ugly’ women BBC

Olympic Closing Ceremonies To Feature Launch Of Chinese Nuclear Arsenal, Invasion Of United States The Onion

Limelight Networks: Why the Olympics didn’t ‘Melt’ the Internet Jason Perlow, ZDNet

Musharraf’s exit will not end Pakistan’s woe Anatol Lieven, Financial Times. Points out Musharraf’s generally unheralded accomplishments.

Inflation Watch: Even Dirt Is No Longer Dirt-Cheap Huffington Post

Iraqi oil contracts fizzle Iraq Oil Report

In Rural New York, Windmills Can Bring Whiff of Corruption New York Times. An eye-opening story.

Freddie Mac: My Chapter EconLog (hat tip EldridgeEquity). A short history of risk management at Freddie.

Antidote du jour:

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  1. doc holiday

    Oddly enough, I was picking up on related topics tonight as I went from a Youtube video of The Grateful Dead:

    That seemed entertaining, but as I looked around for another song, I came across a 1981 interview by Tom Snyder: Jerry Garcia & Ken Kesey on the Electric Kool-Aid Talk Show:

    That seemed fine, but then I had this memory of Dr. John Lilly, which resulted in a search that went here:

    After experiencing "Are dolphins self-aware? – part 1/3" I left fairly quickly, as a result of not being able to understand or speak Euro or Dolphin.

    My dream-like journey took a fast unexpected turn, where I returned to my home @ Wiki:
    Gurdjieff claimed that people do not perceive reality, as they are not conscious of themselves, but live in a state of hypnotic "waking sleep."
    "Man lives his life in sleep, and in sleep he dies." Gurdjieff taught that each person perceived things from a completely subjective perspective. Gurdjieff stated that maleficent events such as wars and so on could not possibly take place if people were more awake. He asserted that people in their typical state were unconscious automatons, but that it was possible for a man to wake up and experience life more fully.

    It was there, that I awoke to the realization that I should return here:

    That song in the movie was not too bad, so that took me here:

    This random search is like making sense of a dream and chasing metaphors that might connect some cognitive reasoning as to why a cat and horse would be friends, or share companionship. Is this chaos, is this love, is this blog a dream?

    Yah know what I really think … huh, do yah punk, I think that the internet connects a lot of dots to other dots and that the maze of connections will either result in evolutionary or de-evolution of the human brain, i.e, we will either evolve to a higher level of thinking or end up as a group of retarded people cared for by computers and robots — ok maybe we are on the cusp right now and in 5 years, no one will understand any of this — including me.

    Also see: These PNAS papers provide surprising new evidence that our neural architecture has evolved specializations for reasoning about social exchange. That cheater detection can be impaired without impairing other reasoning abilities suggests that this cognitive competence is caused by a functionally isolable brain mechanism (#3526). That this brain mechanism reliably develops even in disparate cultural contexts suggests that it is a universal feature of human nature…

  2. Anonymous

    symbiosis between cat and horse. A somewhat, though not entirely, unexpected relationship.

    Great photos, Yves.

  3. Dave Raithel

    Re the Windmills of the mind – your’s, mine, or Jung’s: Why should the scales have to fall from one’s eyes to see that a capitalist response to the demand for renewable energy comes with the taint and stain of its paternity? Sure, nimby is an archetype, but since one cannot honestly say that the most of them will bear the burden as much as the least of them … well, now I’m just being obnoxious…

  4. Dave Raithel

    Re: Freddy Mac, My Chapter: Interesting read. The assertion “The [Foster – Van Orden] default model said that the probability of mortgage defaults increases as the borrower’s equity in the home goes negative” prompted me to ask myself how much empirical data supported this model, since that would suggest particular differences possibly obliterated by models (as all universals do…). So I read along as the story got darker and darker, and though The Joker made no entry, I got to this: “Multifamily blew itself up. It turned out that their risk controls were terrible. They were lending money to slumlords who were quite happy to take the cash, let the properties rot, and hand the keys to Freddie Mac to clean up the mess.” Mmmm… no, I am not surprised; afterall, if the PRIMARY purposed were to afford housing for those that live in the housing…well, enough being obnoxious for now.

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