Links 8/25/08

When Good Lizards Go Bad: Komodo Dragons Take Violent Turn Wall Street Journal

Global warming time bomb trapped in Arctic soil: study PhysOrg. That Arctic no-longer-so-permafrost is full of greenhouse gases….

Recession indicators Jim Hamilton

Ben Stein Watch: August 24, 2008 Felix Salmon. Felix finds the smoking gun for what we Ben Stein sufferers have long suspected: the Times does not edit his posts.

Two Accused of Harassing Blackstone Group Executive Wall Street Journal. Pretty wild story.

Is oil headed for a fall? MarketWatch. An object lesson. One of the most superficial, half-baked pieces I’ve seen in a long time.

Repossessed Toys Are A Booming Business Michael Shedlock

Savings delusions Paul Krugman

Creditors sometimes do get a vote Brad Setser

Antidote du jour. Part of a series titled “Why dogs bite people”:

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  1. doc holiday

    This is a thinly veiled insult slung at the boys that just party’d hard at Jackson Hole — who as a collective collusive body looked like idiots at a costume party. This photo of Bernanke just before he gives another academic speech on why saving Bear Stearns was a good idea (to him) is just another another reminder that someone needs to take the punch bowl away before all the dogs go wild!

  2. Jojo

    Wall Street Journal links are useless since those of us w/o subscriptions cannot read the article, just the first couple of paragraphs.

  3. Occamsrazors

    I’ve got that problem too JoJo. But if I’m interested in the article I just do a Google News search on the heading and you can see the entire article. I think WSJ always post the full article for Google searches

  4. Anonymous

    From "Global warming time bomb trapped in Arctic soil: study
    Space & Earth science / Environment":

    "Methane, another greenhouse gas, is less abundant than carbon dioxide but several times more potent as a driver of global warming."

    Methane is 23x more potent than CO2 as a greenhouse gas. One would expect the methane to begin to be released long before we reach an increase of 6 degrees celsius in the Arctic. That will be a major factor in causing a negative feedback loop leading to runaway global warming.

    On bad days I am tempted to simply give up. I do what I can on an individual basis but how likely is it that we are going to make the 80% cuts in carbon emissions required to stablise CO2 in the atomsphere below levels that set the above-mentioned chain reaction.

    How long can we afford to indulge in bread and circuses like the Olympics?

    And, Yves, thank you for posting on this issue. Although not immediately relevant to the main focus of the blog it really is the only game in town and serves to puts other "crises" like the credit crunch in perspective.

  5. Anonymous

    I think the dragons are really pissed at FASB!

    re: “When I was growing up, I felt the dragons were my family,” says 55-year-old Hajji Faisal. “But today the dragons are angry with us, and see us as enemies.” The reason, he and many other villagers believe, is that environmentalists, in the name of preserving nature, have destroyed Komodo’s age-old symbiosis between dragon and man.

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