Links 9/1/08

‘Big Dry’ turns farms into deserts BBC

Investor interest in algae grows Financial Times


Wily Obama beats McCain on strategy Andrew Sullivan, Times Online

McCain’s gamble on Palin is shrewd Clive Crook, Financial Times

Palin Republican pushback Diane Francis, Financial Post

“The Ferraro Factor” Mark Thoma

There is no need to fight Russia – just harness an alternative to oil Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, Telegraph. The article explains extending NATO to include Georgia and the Ukraine is a lousy idea.

Iraq Safer Than Ohio Banks Stung by Credit Crisis Bloomberg

Pencil in 2010 as the start of recovery from the recession Charles Goodhart, Telegraph

Ben Stein Watch: August 31, 2008 Felix Salmon

Antidote du jour:

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  1. doc holiday

    Ludomania is an urge to gamble despite harmful negative consequences or a desire to stop. The epidemic of feline ludomania in mahjong culture has recently exploded with the introduction of edible mahjong tiles which are composed of compressed catnip. The first mahjong den arrived in North America with the large influx of Chinese who came to participate in the California Gold Rush.

    FYI: When cats sense the bruised leaves or stems of catnip, they may roll over it, paw at it, chew it, lick it, leap about and purr, often salivating copiously. Some cats will also growl and meow. This reaction only lasts for a few minutes before the cat loses interest. It takes up to two hours for the cat to “reset” after which it can come back to the catnip and have the same response as before.[8] Young kittens and older cats are less likely to react to catnip.

  2. Independent Accountant

    I am in partial agreement with Evans-Pritchard with respect to Russia and have posted to that effect at my blog on 28 and 30 August. We part company over the notion that the US developing alternative energy sources might affect Russian foreign policy. Russia is concerned with its own safety and sees our meddling in its backyard as a threat, period. In 1962 we had a Cuban missile crisis over missiles 90 miles from our shores. So what do we do? Put missiles in Poland 115 miles from the Russian border? What idiot dreamed that up?
    I go much further than Evans-Pritchard and see our foreign policy as Wilsonian Romanticism. We need Russia’s support in dealing with Iran and poke the Bear in the eye with a stick. Brilliant.

  3. Anonymous

    Please lets leave the politics out. i come to this table to drink tea with Yves and eat a biscotti, looking at the headlines, and more importantly, the Antidote du Jour.

    I really really need those on my trading days and Yves does choose pictures that, to me, have a subtle smirkiness to what’s going on in the day.

  4. doc holiday

    I agree, this political trash needs to go somewhere like the cat food isle at walmart!

    FYI: Benchmark 10-year yields had a correlation of 0.56 with the Nikkei 225 so far this year, compared with a relationship of 0.51 last year, according to Bloomberg data. A value of 1 means the two moved in lockstep.

    Japan's government bonds have handed investors a return of about 1.3 percent so far this year through Aug. 29, according to indexes compiled by Merrill Lynch & Co. The Nikkei has lost about 15 percent in the same period.

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