Links 9/13/08

Taxi drivers ‘have brain sat-nav’ BBC. Not certain you can generalize from London cabbies on this one.

IPhone Takes Screenshots of Everything You Do Wiredl

Palin Denies Denying Human Role in Global Warming Washington Post

Cats against Palin Paul Krugman. I somehow missed this.

Warning: 30 airlines will go bust this year Independent

U.S. Holds the Whip Hand in Modifying Mortgages New York Times

Finance ministers rule out coordinated bailout of European economy Guardian

China May Loosen Lending Restrictions After Inflation Slows Bloomberg

The Real Reason Commodities Are Tumbling Globe and Mail (hat tip Michael Shedlock) You tell me….

Is Export Led Growth Passé? Dani Rodrik, Project Syndicate (hat tip Mark Thoma)

Baltic Dry Index: Smashed, Global Demand Falling Ben Bitroff. Note the BDI can give false positives as far as slowdowns are concerned.

This Picture Tells a Sad Story Michael Panzner

Antidote du jour:

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  1. dh

    I’m thinking the giant dog represents The Fed and The Fed is licking the fellow-ego of young Fed Member Warsh, who has been as helpful in this crisis as a wet kitty (with all his wall street connections and savy, which are linked and back by the loot his wife had).

  2. James B

    That commodities article tells a nice, entirely unsubstantiated story. To me it just sounds like someone’s post hoc rationalization for why their commodities trades went bad (and why it really wasn’t their fault).

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