Links 9/16/08


  1. Alan von Altendorf

    Evan-Pritchard: As the bankruptcies mount, the state will have an obligation to step in to preserve social stability. If that means the temporary nationalisation of large chunks of the Western economy, so be it.

    What a profoundly evil rat.

  2. Douglas

    Especially when Evan-Pritchard states before that: However, the root cause lies in the actions of governments across the Western world.

    So the governments caused the problem through the unintended consequences of easy money, but then a sweeping policy with an untold number of other unintended consequences is going to fix it? This doesn’t even begin to make sense.

  3. saint germain en laye

    Finance world is very crazy… i can’t believe a big company as Lehman is dead !… poor capitalism…

  4. Anonymous

    It is great that someone has noticed that ‘recapitalization’ of the failing business models on Wall St is another misallocation of capital and will worsen the problem rather than alleviate it.

    For a guy that has spent a lifetime studying the great depression, Bernanke shows a remarkable lack of vision.

    The fact that AIG is to be allowed to canabalize itself is proof enough that these failing business models should be allowed to fail sooner, rather than later.


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