Links 9/2/08

Playing, and even watching, sports improves brain function PhysOrg

Hook it to my Veins: Can Videogaming be an Addiction? 1Up

Reset loans add to US home woes Financial Times. For anyone who saw the famous mortgage reset chart, this isn’t news.

WaMu Pool WMALT 2007-0C1 August Update Michael Shedlock

Unintended Consequences of “Market-Based” Health Reforms Tom Bozzo, Angry Bear

Dead Elephant in the Living Room Skeptical CPA

Slowing economy and rapid credit growth? Michael Pettis, China Financial Markets

Molon Labe The Epicurean Dealmaker

Antidote du jour. From a series, “Why Dogs Bite People” (hat tip reader Laurie):

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  1. doc holiday

    Somewhere between the mechanics of deus ex machina and the alternative worlds of the twilight zone, live the imaginative multi-winged, multi-legged, multi-lingual spiderdogs …

  2. Mara

    The instant I saw the picture, all I could think of is “Good thing she has some high boots on before she has to step on that spider. It’s huuuuge!”

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