Links 9/24/08

Eyebrows raised over city school policy that sets 50% as minimum score Philadelphia Post Gazette

Economists against the Paulson Plan (hat tip Greg Mankiw). Quite a list. And there are economists who have written against it on various blogs who aren’t listed here, so the tally is far from comprehensive.

Asheville, NC is Out of Gas Mother Jones (hat tip Cash Mundy)

Paulson and Bernanke savaged over bailout plan Independent. I doubt we will see that sort of headline in the US.

Wall Street Workers Find New Niches, or Move On New York Times

The crushing truth about US household debt Alice Cook, UK Bubble

CEO murdered by mob of sacked Indian workers Times Online (hat tip reader Saboor)

Henry Paulson, Socialist James Ledbetter, The Big Money

Live and Let Die The Epicurean Dealmaker

David Leonhardt needs to retire, having abdicated responsibility Ken Houghton, Angry Bear

Antidote du jour:

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  1. doc holiday

    Instead of using the best minds in our world to solve great climate change problems, our sharpest minds are focused on backdating options and looking for ways to use synthetic derivatives to supercharge greedy ambitions and to find clever ways to evade laws. Not only is America lost, but our world is in the process of dying — while we watch wall street struggle to find ways to be bailed out for fraud. Our priorities as a society are twisted by the people that create patriotic illusions, in hunting down evil terrorists, while in fact, it should obvious that the enemy is within!

    Re: Less ice, more water. More swimming, fewer polar bears. That seems to be the conclusion from some recent Arctic data. Oh, and the ARctic is belching methane, a greenhouse gas far worse at warming the atmosphere than mere CO2.

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