Links 9/7/08

Shun meat, says UN climate chief BBC

Measuring the acceleration of the universe Roland Piquepaille

Hurricanes like Gustav and Hanna seem only to matter if they hit America Stephen Gibb Guardian

Is Sarah Palin a Fiscal Conservative? PGL, Angry Bear

What has been the real benefit of Fannie and Freddie? Richard Green (hat tip Mark Thoma). Succinct and valuable

We’re All Fraudulently Induced Now Tanta

Connect the Dots Credit Slips

If the Pay Fix Is in, Good Luck Finding It Gretchen Morgenson, New York Times. On how new executive comp disclosure rules are being ignored.

Is It News When the President Makes Untrue Statements (i.e. lies)? Dean Baker

Japan’s Nomura Considers Stake in Lehman Brothers Wall Street Journal. At least this rumor is plausible.

Long-Term Capital: It’s a Short-Term Memory Roger Lowenstein, New York Times. Lowenstein argues that Bear Stearns was the cost of not learning the right lessons from LTCM.

Antidote du jour:

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  1. dh

    Studies on wild dogs show that although the tooth surface may appear clean, the incidence of periodontal disease below the gumline is significant and is equivalent to what we see in domestic dogs. So the concern is that the lack of tartar buildup may provide a false sense of security when, in fact, a more important factor contributing to oral health is overlooked. By far, the proven gold standard for oral health care in dogs is daily tooth brushing at home. There are no shortcuts.

    P.S. This could also be a jab at Palin, but who can say?

  2. dh

    FYI: Ten-year gilt prices rose and yields fell to 3.63 per cent, while 10-year Treasury yields fell to 3.56 per cent at one point before rising back to 3.66 per cent late in New York, down from 3.82 per cent over the week. In the Treasury inflation market, long term inflation expectations fell to their lowest level since 2003 as commodity prices fell and growth expectations were hit.

    Japan’s government bonds completed the first weekly decline in two months on speculation yields near the lowest in four months are unattractive given that the Bank of Japan is unlikely to reduce interest rates this year.

    Aso, 67, said last month that the government should consider postponing its goal of balancing the budget by 2011 because Japan may be in a recession.

    Fukuda’s government on Aug. 29 said it would spend about 2 trillion yen ($18 billion) on a program of measures to revive the economy. It also announced a one-off tax cut for low-income earners that may have to be funded by bond sales later this year should tax revenue fall short of projections.

  3. Jorgen

    The story on Sara Palin’s fiscal track-record in Wasilla (from Angry Bear) should be checked. If this is true, the story has the potential to reach national and international media and have a serious impact on the McCain/Palin campaign.

  4. Anonymous

    Living the higher income life on credit card debt even for higher income Americans is fading.
    The pool of CC buyers willing and able to shop till they drop looks like a smaller universe then advertised.

  5. Anonymous

    “Sara Palin’s fiscal track-record in Wasilla”

    Sara Palin’s record is not the issue in this election, if it becomes the dominate theme then the Republican’s will win in November. Its the economy stupid.

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