Links 10/21/08

Airliner had near miss with UFO BBC. I suspect there is some sort of technical system that could relate frequency of stories about the paranormal with market movements. Regardless, I am intrigued to see this sort of thing on the BBC.

And the number of intelligent civilisations in our galaxy is… Physics arXiv

Experimental Failure…?!?! Cassandra

DARPA Contract Description Hints at Advanced Video Spying Washington Post. We are supposed to be surprised? This is already a staple of Hollywood movies. Or was that to condition us so we wouldn’t recoil at the invasion of privacy when the technical bugs were finally worked out?

The Pain on Main Michael Panzner. Largely anecdotal, but some of the stories are gripping.

Record inflows into money market funds Financial Times

3 Agencies Vie for Oversight of Swaps Market Washington Post

More unhappy numbers Jim Hamilton, Econbrowser

The Empire doesn’t seen leverage as any threat… Accrued Interest. Do read this post. More proof that conditions are far from normal.

Antidote du jour:

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  1. CrocodileChuck


    Apropos of Insight on SBS this evening, (see Aussiebob above)

    You rock!


  2. Anonymous

    RE: The Empire and Leverage on Bonds…

    The author seems amazed that no one is stepping into the F&F (and other) bond markets to take advantage of cheap bond prices.

    On the other hand, why would anyone step into any market that might go missing tomorrow if the Fed/Treasury continue to change rules and wipe out investors? IMO only a fool would attempt to out guess the various bureaucrats now in charge of the US Economy.

    This is merely one example of what happens when the US Gov decides to save the bankers to the detriment of investors. BTW, lots of money remains on the sidelines but it isn't foolish money.

  3. Jojo

    The daily links section is one of your posts that I really look forward to each day. Always interesting material!

  4. Anonymous

    fyi, your “ads by google” are currently serving up:

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    Smart algorithms my arse.

  5. fresno dan

    With regard to aerial surveillance: Simpsons episode in which th FDA is monitoring C. Montgomery Burns for stealing a 1 Trillion dollar bill, “We’ve had his house under satilite surveillance, but that has only told us he’s not hiding the money on the roof.”

  6. fresno dan

    OK, last comment. With regard to
    “The Empire doesn’t seen leverage as any threat” wasn’t it basically the case that various investment vehicals only made returns based on leverage, i.e., money out of thin air? And now that it takes real money (derived from savings) that the “money” that poured into bonds is no longer available?

  7. doc holiday

    How many visual metaphors for chaos can there be … I’m thinking infinite possibilities, thus, here again is a simplistic example of how LHC has and will continue to alter the minds of creatures everywhere on Earth, maybe even beyond.

    In a previous post, I suggest cats would still have an ability to make a choice in regard to driving farm equipment, but I fell victim to my own mindless theory, because if we think of the whole system and the limitations within that closed system, i.e, if humans can’t think and become sloth-like, the same condition in cats, zebras, rats and puppies will also prevail within that system. I’m sorry for the misconception that cats would help us through the chaos!

    See: “In mathematical logic, Gödel’s incompleteness theorems, proved by Kurt Gödel in 1931, are two theorems stating inherent limitations of all but the most trivial formal systems for arithmetic of mathematical interest. “

    Also see: The world’s largest scientific machine may have malfunctioned soon after its spectacular start and still be out of action. But that didn’t stop dignitaries, sperm donors and diplomats from inaugurating the broken atom smasher Tuesday with pomp and pageantry.
    Taking particular pride was Robert Aymar, director general of CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research.
    “When CERN chooses to be audacious, amazing things can happen,” Aymar told government ministers, scientists and diplomats gathered for the event.
    A 100-voice Welsh choir sang. An orchestra played. German Research Minister Annette Schavan proclaimed the inauguration of the ailing machine a great day for international science.

    * Forgive me Yves, I’m only human and totally filled with doubts and faults…

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