Links 10/7/08

Mammals facing extinction threat BBC

Sumo schoolgirl hopes for glory at world championships Telegraph

Australian jet plunge injures 40 BBC. Qantas has never killed anyone, but they seem to be coming increasingly close to doing so.

Are Bad Times Healthy? New York Times

You’re Owed Euros David Merkel

Lehman Said to Cancel Ex-Employees’ Severance After Bankruptcy Bloomberg

Terror as Iceland faces economic collapse Times Online

Car buyers desert the showrooms Independent

Pushing on a String In Academic Wonderland Michael Shedlock

Fed Watch: Where Is The Rate Cut? Tim Duy, Economist’s View. Duy argues the Fed might not cut (!) and may prefer to use new tricks, but had the great misfortune to put this post up before the jumbo Australian rate reduction overnight (100 basis points, from 7% to 6%). Duy has also had a propensity to underestimate how reactive the Fed can be. Nevertheless, the analysis is very instructive.

The Duplicitous Sheila Bair Felix Salmon

Antidote du jour:

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  1. Anonymous

    The Qantas incident sounds a lot like clear air turbulence at the moment, which you can’t really blame Qantas for.
    Interesting fact – Rainman got it wrong, Qantas have in fact had quite a few fatal accidents, just not in jets.

  2. doc holiday

    This is the most revolting thing I’ve ever seen, a bailout for cats, which places taxpayer cash on the line by rewarding risky behavior! This problem we all face is a social problem that drives irrational market behavior. Bailing out dead beat cats that take on bad bets which reduce their lifespan is just like exposing kitties to catnip and then wondering later why they have become so damn addicted to synthetic life-styles that depend on an emotional reliance on handouts!

    Let these cats survive on their own and don’t make taxpayers bail them out! This is an outrage! This could take years to resolve and then what, more catnip for more kitties that line up for socialism? If were gonna friggn take on social welfare for these deadbeat pissers, why not give them free educations that give them a few free social history lessons …. huh, why, why not, and then give them free health care so that they can sty in school during the remainder of their nine lives!

  3. Anonymous

    doc holiday, thanks. you made my day :)

    ps. I read this blog regularly and your comments are always appreciated

  4. doc holiday

    Hey anon,

    Thank you! I enjoy ranting and raving and communicating thoughts, so, when I do connect with people that makes my day as well! I'm just happy that Yves gives me a coffee shop here to vent at everyday — she could toss me out on my ear for being vulgar now and then, but she seems willing enough to let sleeping dogs lie:

    Also see: Schlafende Hunde weckt man nicht:

    (idiomatic) To leave things as they are; especially, to avoid restarting or rekindling an old argument; to leave disagreements in the past.
    Eventually, they decided it would be best to let sleeping dogs lie and not discuss the matter any further.

    >> WTF does that mean anyway?

  5. Chris

    When the mouse is away, the cats will play!

    Hoot the noo,
    Brown rodeo freak show, “too little too late”
    but maybe enough to capture the news cycle from Sarkozy Medvedev at Evian tomorrow.

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