1. Anonymous

    Alpha Creditor? But Yves this is the age of the ALPHA DEBTOR. And guess who that is? In 1929 the US held claims in gold-backed currency. Your alpha creditor holds claims in IOUs issued by the ALPHA DEBTOR. There is alpha but then there is… ALPHA.

  2. ndk

    I don’t think China holds out any delusions on being made whole on her claims on the U.S. The U.S. has proven protectionist tendencies on prior occasions with DP World and Unocal.

    Mercantilism still works when you’re accumulating paper rather than gold, if your key goal is building your domestic industries. I won’t talk about other likely outcomes, but suffice to say, those would seem to have occurred too.

    I don’t think there was some grand master plan hatched in 1997. I think this is just the way things happened to work out.

  3. locust

    Can someone explain what is a credit recovery swap or recovery lock? Just when I thought I understood credit default swaps along comes something new….

    I came across the term at Mortgage Insider.

  4. locust

    Thank you ndk. I’ll admit though…I’m still confused about the use of a recovery default swap. Seems counterintuitive.

  5. Anonymous

    TYPE a text summary of all videos!
    “Europe went OFF gold (bullion)
    1929+, some countries (Mex, C)
    stayed on a silver standard…’
    news says.

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