1. Uncle Billy Moonbeam


    According to Ms. Geller, she learned the proper way to train dogs by studying wolves (that learned with play, not with pedantry)

  2. Anonymous

    By Dan Eggen
    Washington Post Staff Writer
    Saturday, December 6, 2008; Page A01

    George W. Bush is not generally prone to introspection. “I really do not feel comfortable in the role of analyzing myself,” he once said.

    drums: padap, ping

    That one sentence, speaks volumes.


  3. Anonymous

    Now Paulson will want the other $350 billion TARP money.

    Congress must flatly refuse and wait for Obama. Here are two good reasons:
    1. Paulson hasn’t been such a hero, let’s leave some for Geithner to spend.
    2. If the money goes to banks now, it’s likely to end up in increased bonuses. It’s important not to commit any more money before the first of the year.

  4. S

    Surprice surprise: Citi now assesing need to raise common equity capital…The Fed has desperately tried to rally the bank stocks so they would go out and raise capital. It is shocking that the auto makers, which deserve no sympathy, are put through the ringer and the bankers bega nd plead and pout about the very prospect that shareholders should take dilution (common that is). The whole ludicrious notion from the getgo that pref. equity was the solution to encourage the public to saddle up and buy the banks was merely cover for the pillage. It is truly shocking that the bank set has conitnued to play this card to avoid common dilution and even more shocking that people like Geithner have played along. Outrageous.

  5. Anonymous

    Good Grief:

    Fri Dec 5 18:33:02 GMT 2008

    “Bank Julius Baer CEO commits suicide”

    Alex Widmer, the Chief Executive Officer of Bank Julius Baer has died
    unexpectedly at age 52.

    The Swiss headquarted bank is the largest “private banking” group
    with over USD 300 billion in assets hidden or invested on behalf of
    extremely wealthy individuals and some institutions.

    According to multiple independent press reports (Reuters, 20minutes),
    the cause of death was suicide. The reasons are not yet
    publicly known.

    In February, the bank attempted, unsuccessfully, to sue Wikileaks
    in the United States over whistleblower revelations pertaining to
    the bank’s Cayman Islands operations.

    Dozens of revelations followed, from the exposure of Baer’s
    internal tax avoidance plan to the Cayman Islands trust for the
    Caryle group revealed on Dec 1.

    According to Reuters the bank has lost some 60% of its share price
    during 2008, although this puts it ahead of many in the current
    financial crisis.

    See http://wikileaks.org/wiki/Category:Bank_Julius_Baer

  6. Mercury

    For all you Obama skeptics out there I think this will answer your concerns- from today’s radio address:

    “Today, I am announcing a few key parts of my plan. First, we will launch a massive effort to make public buildings more energy-efficient. Our government now pays the highest energy bill in the world. We need to change that. We need to upgrade our federal buildings by replacing old heating systems and installing efficient light bulbs.”

    Dec 6 Obama’s Radio Address on the Economy

  7. Reader Dean

    No pun intended, but I am beginning to feel really naked looking at the antidote du jour. C’est très froid !

  8. Anonymous

    Ya know, Yves bragged. No, she didn’t brag, she gloated over how productive/superior/efficient a multi-tasker she was when working in investment(banking?). And in one broad swath she dismissed the life and death contributions of the medical profession and every other high stress occupation known to man.

    Yet here I sit, with no forthcoming economic analysis. I touch the screen of my PC and it is cold. She’s leaving us shivering in the wind, like some virtual tiny Tim!

    All I have to look at is a recycled wolf photo and stuffed panda!

    I guess she’s slowing down….

  9. Yves Smith

    Anon of 11:49 PM,

    There is a big difference between working on a job and a voluntary side activity. If you want t pay me my consulting rate to keep blogging while on the road, I would most certainly entertain that idea. But you are basically unhappy that you have had a free service interrupted. Too bad,

    I was also with the client from 8 AM to midnight. And even if I had had some free time, seeing the Van Gogh exhibition at the Albertina was higher on the list than blogging.

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