Links 1/21/09

Edible technology relays medical data from inside the body The Standard

It’s Not Just Consumers Who Are Making Adjustments Michael Panzner

Roubini Predicts U.S. Losses May Reach $3.6 Trillion Bloomberg

Ben Stein: Please eat your hat Andrew Leonard Salon

Gun Nuts Exposed at Distorting Data and Results EconoSpeak

Mortgage-Securities Defaults Rise Wall Street Journal

Why Obama must mend a sick world economy Martin Wolf, Financial Times

Helmut Schmidt: Six steps to curb speculation Moon of Alabama. A short and tough list.

Models of bounded rationality and the credit environment Leigh Caldwell, VoxEU

Antidote du jour (hat tip reader Skippy):

BTW, when readers send a series of cute photos, I am pretty certain to h/t the first one, but may forget to do so if I use later ones. Do not hesitate to ping me if I somehow fail to give credit where credit is due so I can make the correction.

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  1. Anonymous


    You are correct, it is a baby hedgehog, from here in Brisbane Australia.

    With the ears, it could be an Aussie thing (don’t know your reference material), just a one off or will grow into them, lol kids.


  2. Anonymous

    I have a kitten that when it started it's growth spurt from a rather small kitten to a adolescent cat it's ears grew so fast it looked like a bat all ears & small head now it is in proportion with the other cats

  3. Anonymous

    Gun ownership is not only about numbers, it is about the NATURAL AND FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT to self defense, that even the smallest insect and plants have, and offers protection, even against tyranny from the government.
    The US constitution recognizes this.

    I suggest sticking to blogging about financials, I may have to stop visiting or recommend your site.

  4. Anonymous

    it is about the NATURAL AND FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT to self defense… The US constitution recognizes this.

    Close but no cigar. You left out the “well-regulated militia”. So I hope your up marching early every day with your arms.

  5. Anonymous

    @anon 8:35,

    First you show us your fear, that you cannot protect yourself with out a ballistic weapon (how many times have you had to use one in self defense, against your life).

    Next you use threats of not only your readership but to detract your recommendations of this site. The article only pointed out the practice of using statistics in a self serving way, in no way did it suggest banning rifles or side arms.

    I grew up with firearms, been shooting since I was 9 years old, hunting by my self from 10 years old, 5 years military service (elite units), I no longer own or use firearms as I use other means of protecting my self, (using my mind) to avoid situations or places that would jeopardize my safety.

    Having lived in Australia now for over 10 years, which has strict firearm laws and find it better, safer and more peaceful for it. Although I would not think of removing your right to own firearms, I would like to see stricter ownership laws, their are a LOT of people that have diminished responsibility do to lack of proper training (the story’s I could tell).

    Just because its in the Constitution does not mean they should be sold like in a bazaar, as is the case some parts of the World, at the time of that idea (firearms ownership) America was largely a rural Country which could not provide protection against two legged or four legged adversary’s, so firearm ownership was loose, but times have changed don’t you think.


  6. bg

    I get such pleasure out of Ben Stein bashing. And yet I find him interesting and likable, unlike many other talking heads who deserve equal disdain.

  7. Anonymous

    It was the first Supreme Court case in United States history to directly address whether the right to keep and bear arms is a right of individuals or a collective right that applies only to state-regulated militias.

    And any predictions on what the SECOND one will do? Especially now that The Great Idiot Purge is happening?

  8. Anonymous

    I’ve travelled the world ‘sans firearms’. Forty countries thus far, and I’ve never seen a gun brandished by anyone other than officals like police.

    The more you travel the more you realize it ain’t a problem.

    Cheers, Haggis

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