Links 2/20/09

Danton wreck found in deep water BBC

After the inferno Guardian

Crop Scientists Say Biotechnology Seed Companies Are Thwarting Research New York Times

Obama anti-trust chief: Google is a monopoly threat, not Microsoft ComputerWorld

Alan Greenspan: The Oracle Or The Master Of Disaster? Huffington Post (hat tip reader Carlos)

Citibank has cut all lending in Denmark Ed Harrison. This is NOT good.

A Proposal to Stimulate the US Housing Market Bruce Krasting. The merit of this proposal is it brings new savings to the US, and thus will ameliorate the effects of the deleveraging.

Chinese Firms Turn to Pawn Shops as Loans Dry Up CNBC (hat tip reader Michael)

Antidote du jour:

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  1. doc holiday

    I miss the old days:

    Cooperative interspecies communication implies the sharing and understanding of information from two or more species that work towards the benefit of both species (mutualism).

  2. Anonymous

    So something is rotten in the state of Denmark?

    You comment that it is not good. Do you care to elaborate? Could one make the case that perhaps it is a sign that Citi is starting to face reality? Or should we, perhaps more cynically, view this as a manipulation aimed at extracting the handout of some Danish?

  3. fresno dan

    THANK YOU Doc Holiday!!!
    I very, very seldom listen to an entire video link, but that was facinating (and entertaining). Definitly one of the few keepers.
    thanks again!
    recommend any other sites?

  4. Anonymous

    Yeah Doc, timely with that. Showed my son, who is a big science fan and wishes to go to MIT someday soon.


  5. Anonymous

    The article itself only mentions “Quick and Easy Loans”, while the CWD bloggers imply it’s part of a larger pattern, that Citibank is pulling out of Europe.

  6. Anonymous


    The article on Chinese businesses turning to pawn shops and money lenders is really helpful for western readers.

    In the Chinese system, these informal lending systems (relatives, clan, neighbors) play a disproportionate role in the growth of credit.

    What has happened in the past year is that the “unofficial” credit markets have been hammered.

    So no matter how much easing / expansion of credit the government appear to be doing, it is hardly making up for the shortfall.


  7. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

    I am not really sure, but is that a seal fighting a dolphin over a sardine for survival?

    As for science, I like to believe that today’s progress is tomorrow’s mess, or in a rhyming semi-mini-haiku:

    Today’s progress
    Tomorrow’s mess!

  8. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

    I am not really sure of the intellectual value of my comment here and if it should be zero, it is perhaps not a bad thing seeing how the world has been incapacitated by way too many intellectuals, but here it goes nevertheless: Wasn’t Greenspan the oracle who prophesized to the delight of all, before our last economic battle, that one great nation would be destroyed? Was he that really good?

  9. Jon H

    “I am not really sure, but is that a seal fighting a dolphin over a sardine for survival?”

    It’s a walrus and the beluga whale what stole the walrus’ bukkit.

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