Links 4/19/09

Key role of forests ‘may be lost’ BBC

Easter Gifts, Multiplying on the Loose New York Times

Don’t Bank on It Alan Abelson. Barron’s

Bank Regulators Clash Over U.S. Stress-Tests Endgame Bloomberg. This sounds a lot like the disarray (reported after the fact) before Geither’s woefully unsuccessful initial bank rescue plan announcement.

The Cost of CAFE Standards Mark Thoma

China Says U.S. Needs Adult Economic Supervision Paul Kedrosky

China Set To Become The Biggest Bottom Fisher In The Universe Clusterstock

Leading economists urge full nationalisation of Ireland’s banks Guardian

Matt Sorley CBO: Income inequality gap hit record high in 2006 Brad DeLong

Two Fed officials face grilling from Volcker Reuters (hat tip reader Dean)

China Expect Iron Ore Prices to Drop 40% ChinaStakes (hat tip reader Michael)

Geithner sees no new banking crisis: report Reuters

Antidote du jour:

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  1. LeeAnne

    From today’s links: “China Says U.S. Needs Adult Economic Supervision” Paul KedroskyThank you Yves. Thank you Mr. Kedrosky. There’s no satisfaction like exactly the right words.

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