1. Ben Ross

    If you think artificial intelligence is a match for human intelligence, look at “more on this topic.”

  2. Anonymous

    border collies are f’n awesome, maybe we should ask one of them how we should ‘end’ this crisis

  3. Anonymous

    thanks for the sheep, that’s the most amazing thing I’ve seen in quite a while. Border Collie’s ROCK!!!

  4. Susan

    I think this is an argument for humanity’s survival. Silliness is my favorite human quality. Thanks, Yves. And yes, all props go to the dogs. Plus it was nice of the sheep to cooperate.

  5. Anonymous

    First, I thought, do they really have so little to do?

    second, I thought, they are daft!

    Third, I thought, I am being a sourpuss. It’s all in fun, and another fun exercise of technology, man, dog, nature.

  6. V

    Clearly this is from somewhere in the UK. Nice to see what those EU subsidies are going toward …

  7. Richard Smith

    Struck me that New Zealand looks a lot like Wales, then I turned the sound up!

    From the names and accents, it is definitely Wales. Welsh hill farmers are all mad geniuses, I think. That’s what you have to be when you live by selling lambs that fetch roughly $1 each. It’s a hard lfe, with an impressive suicide rate.

    The supermarkets can see the subsidies as clearly the farners can. It is really the supermarkets that have the pricing power, and so they can intercept the money meant for the farmers.

    It will all end in tears one day, but in the mean time the hopeless life leads to some excellent gallows humour. The premium is all in thinking up economically significant things to do with your infertile hillside, highly trained dogs, and recalcitrant sheep.

    Unpromising material, so turning the sheep into pixels for Samsung is some stroke. I loved the video and I hope they got a few quid out of Samsung.

  8. K Ackermann

    Thanks for the Moyers link.

    So I’m not crazy; there really may be some trickery going on with this crisis.

    If only there was a way somehow to get Bill Moyers on TV instead of just my computer screen, then maybe one of our trusty representatives would see it and start getting to the bottom of this.

    Hehe – I said bottom.

  9. Anonymous

    If you look at the original video posted on youtube by the Baaastuds they state this was filmed in Wales.

  10. Anonymous

    verifiable proof I have a poor outlook on life.

    I couldnt enjoy it, all I could do is draw parallels with us being the sheep being herded around for the amusement of our leaders while they merrily wait to sheer us

  11. Snerd Gronk

    Anon: “… border collies are f’n awesome, maybe we should ask one of them how we should ‘end’ this crisis”

    SG: I did ask one. He said one’s response has a lot to do with one’s philosophy on herd mentality … ;-)


  12. Anonymous

    You guys have too much time on your hands, but thank you for the fun. I thought it was really great that you were able to train your dogs to do so much.


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