Links 5/23/09

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PARO: Therapeutic Baby Seal Robot! Inhabitots

Edmund Andrews Explains His Decision to Omit his Wife’s Bankruptcies Megan McArdle

RealtyTrac: 500,000 REOs being held off the market BubbleMeter

Mass Layoff Events Pick Up, Faciliate EPS Beats Tyler Durden

Regional Federal Reserve Banks Think the Geithner-Bernanke-Summers Plan Is Failing the Real Economy Jesse

Prospect of LP Defaults Is Very Real for PE Fund Managers WSJ Deal Journal. A not well publicized fact: this happened in the dot com bust. At least back then, Wall Street denizens were significant relative to total PE investment.

Geithner Calls for ‘Very Substantial’ Change in Wall Street Pay Bloomberg

Prophet Motive Julia Joffe, The New Republic. A well done profile of Roubini (hat tip Justin Fox)

Congress attacks GM revamp Financial Times. “….analysts noted that the amount of credit insurance written on GM’s debt made a filing seem inevitable.”

Odds against quick recovery lengthen as consumer spending shows sharp decline Times Online

A neo-con Yankee in Karzai’s court Asia Times (hat tip reader Joe B)

Refuted economic doctrines #8: US labor market superiority John Quiggin

Antidote du jour (hat tip reader Barbara): Peregrine webcams Harrisburg, PA; San Francisco: San Jose

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  1. skippy

    re: the Asia Times story

    Zalmay Khalilzad inserted into Afghan government, will only provide further internal conflict with in an already shaky establishment and with one of the cohorts to the New American Century project, Donald Rumsfeld’s/W.Bush cabana boy, ewww.

    More nation building by Western powers, shelf life of maybe 10 years [?], have we learned nothing in the last 100 years of fiddling in this region.

    No cricket for the elite (out side) till the security problem is fixed, regardless of the political/business ethical issues.

    Skippy…Richard K…your thoughts would be interesting.

  2. skippy

    Sorry, I just had to cut and paste this little gem from the John Quiggin link.

    gerard Says:
    May 23rd, 2009 at 10:56 am
    don’t forget to mention the overwhelmingly larger size of the US prison population. that’s a good way of keeping the unemployment rate down.


    To my fellow Americans back home, may I suggest checking out a few international blogs, in-order to gain a better perspective of our selves, out side the self serving MSM and pin wearing self proclaimed patriots.

    Skippy…think of it not as a slap in thy face, but a splash of cold water, to invigorate the mind.

  3. Hugh

    “Geithner Calls for ‘Very Substantial’ Change in Wall Street Pay”

    Ouch, that’s got to hurt. What will he do if they don’t comply? Give them another trillion?

  4. Todd Wood

    I would read Megan Mc’s piece, but I love my mother more and don’t believe that she should be left to die because she is old and weak.

  5. Yves Smith


    As you might infer, I am not a fan of the libertarian school of thought either. However, this piece is on whether a writer presented the full circumstances of his situation (the subject of his book) accurately. She does go a bit overboard, but it’s a fair point.

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