Links 5/26/09

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Study unlocks history of the seas BBC

When It Comes To Charity, Poor Give Too Much, Get Too Little Consumerist

Texting May Be Taking a Toll New York Times

Polaroid Lovers Try to Revive Its Instant Film New York Times

More Newspaper Bad News: Public Notices Look Elsewhere BNET Media

Zombie banks walk among us CNN

Corporate Law Limericks Conglomerate

Karma Is A Bitch v2 Zero Hedge

British banks revolt against Obama tax plan Telegraph. When I was in Oz, I went to considerable lengths to keep my bank balances below the level required for US reporting. I wasn’t hiding income, I had been told that showing foreign holdings was a sure fire way to get audited. Wonder if that philosophy will extend to the new, more inclusive, regime.

§363(f) and Successor Liability Steve Lubben, Credit Slips

Euro Falls After Moody’s Downgrades Outlook on Bulgarian Banks Bloomberg

Green shoots set to wither, warns Nobel Prize winner Independent and World economy stabilizing: Krugman Reuters. Note the difference in emphasis on the same news item.

German Business Confidence at All Time Low… “Optimism” Abounds Econompic Data. There is a great expression in Japanese, which sadly doesn’t translate well into English, to describe the obsessive search for differences at a low level of activity or achievement: “A height competition among pecans.” Maybe substituting “peanuts” for “pecans” would make the point.

Antidote du jour, from my brother Roy. A one-pound deer:

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  1. Independent Accountant

    What you were told has a measure of truth. Having over $10,000 overseas necessitating filing a Treasury 90.22-1 form will increase you likelihood of being audited.

  2. cynicalcrank

    I’m glad to see The Impossible Project (the “new” Polaroid) getting publicity, but sadly, they will not be able to resurrect Polaroid’s sheet -film products. I make do with Fuji packs, but there’s no replacement for Type 55.

  3. jTh.

    Hey, not only is the deer darling, but the photography is excellent. Props to your brother.

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