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Fertilisers ‘reducing diversity’ BBC

Merck Makes Phony Peer-Review Journal Bioethics

No Signs of Sustained Global Spread of Swine Flu New York Times. and First genetic analysis of swine flu reveals potency New Scientist. Good news for now, but epidemiologists warn that next fall/winter, influenza season in the Northern Hemisphere, is the time to watch. The disease is likely to stay active at a low level in the southern hemisphere in its winter. The open question is whether it takes the mild form exhibited most places, or the more deadly type that struck in Mexico. If it just turns out to be a new version of winter flu, we can all relax.

Obama misreads his Iraq war Iraq Oil Report

Continuous bankruptcy Steve Waldman

Buffett Dismisses Value of Government Stress Tests, Praises Wells Fargo Bloomberg. This distance between Buffett and Bill Gross shrinks with every passing day.

When executive compensation isn’t negative Felix Salmon

Causes of the Crisis James Galbraith, Texas Observer

The big drop: Trade and the Great Recession Joseph Francois and Julia Woerz, VoxEU

Geithner’s New Bank Fix Is Bogus, Too Clusterstock

Liddy Letter: AIG Plans To Award Bonuses Even If Taken Over By US Huffington Post

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  1. Brick

    Sounds to me like Wells Fargo is one of the banks which needs some extra cash and Buffet is trying talk up his book because he is worried about how everyday people will react.

  2. bobo bobo

    Yves: “This distance between Buffett and Bill Gross shrinks with every passing day.”

    Buffett openly admitted that his philosophy is 15% Phil Fisher, based on input by Charlie Munger. Fisher’s entire philosophy was based on the idea that the government will inflate/borrow/spend its way out of every downturn. If the government stops following this strategy, or the strategy stops working because consumers/businesses/government hit maximum leverage, then Buffet’s strategy is screwed.

  3. Richard Kline

    The main conclusion of Francios and Woerz at Vox following their analysis is worth nothing: collapse in international trade is primarily a function of a rupture in credit intermediation at the core of real national economies. Yes, unemployment is starting to weight even more and more, but to this point the breakdown of Big Credit is the driver in volume declines: It’s _STILL_ the banking crisis, stupid, to borrow a phrase.

    . . . Which renders all the sicker our twisted and floptastic governmental policy intervention in the US banking crisis. To prevent deeper impacts in the real economy, we _must_ remove failed banks and restore functionality to the credit system (along with the regulation to increase the stability of that system). This was true in July 07, Nov 07, Mar 08, Jul 08, Sep 08, Nov 08, Jan 09, AND RIGHT NOW! But it is exactly the thing which our policy ‘dealership’ refuses to countenance. Confidence games, and endless entailments of the public fisc are the inefficatious chosen alternatives. Sick, sick, sick.

  4. Doc Holiday

    Pork Flavored Cat Snax have Supercharged Revenue For Smithfield Snax!Smithfield Snax is the world’s largest hog producer and slaughterhouse processor. Smithfield raises over 24+ million hogs per year, posting well over $79.9 billion in sales, almost all of which is derived from pork flavored cat food and snax. This upswing in cat food sales can be traced to the Smithfield’s Tsunami Genetic Cat Cloning Program (TGCCP) launched in 2006 which has helped bring down cost per cat inventories and helped global pet owners increase their supply of felines. The TGCCP introduced the unique concept of free cats if owners signed up for the monthly feeding plan, which consists of 100 pounds of Smith Snax. The company suggestion that spoon feeding cats has dramatically helped introduce unique flavor and textures and curtailed past problems with feline nausea. Clearly, a win-win!

    Smithfield is currently waiting to introduce cloned Smith-Pups, in an effort to expand sales in the dog food market, unfortunately, the recent swine flu pandemic has put that program on temporary hold, much to the the displeasure of Smith shareholders. As the pups and pork flavored inventory wait on the back burner, it is hoped that Summer will provide an opportunity to flood the market with active recently hatched customers.

    If all goes well with this marketing plan, Smithfield hopes to have pork sales well past the Trillion mark by 2010, with or without TARP capital injections…

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