Links 6/24/09

‘Synthetic tree’ claims to catch carbon in the air CNN

Arrested for asking a policeman for his badge number Guardian. Reader Michael T remembers when Great Britian’s police were the envy of the world.

Insurers face $6bn bill for board protection Financial Times

Citigroup Is Said to Be Raising Pay Eric Dash, New York Times

US launches WTO case against China Financial Times

Fed Chief Works to Secure More Power for Agency Steve Labaton, New York Times. Thank God the Senate is skeptical, but will that be enough? And note how the Times calls the Fed an “agency.”

Banks are forgetting lessons of crisis already, warns Turner Independent

Harvard Grads “Relieved” That There Aren’t Wall Street Jobs Available Clusterstock

Only 14 Percent of Executives Rate CEOs’ Reputation As Positive, According To New Survey Weber Shandwick

Obama Bulks Up `Too Big to Fail’ With Steroids Caroline Baum, Bloomberg

JPMorgan on “Exit Strategies” John Jansen

New banks: No better than old banks Felix Salmon

Chinese Stats Official Says Economic Growth Last Year Was Slower Than Many Thought Andrew Batson, WSJ China Blog (hat tip reader Michael)

Antidote du jour:

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  1. john bougearel

    Love the hard hat, and look forward to your return to normalcy. So sorry not to touch base while in Manhattan in early June. Twas a whirlwind 1st visit to NYC. Maybe my 2nd one won't be.

  2. ComparedToWhat?

    Nice China links, here's a couple more.

    Cline & Williamson (Peterson Institute): FEER calcs show yuan 40% undervalued vs USD.

    Bradsher (NYT): China favoring domestic products, subsidizing exports, and limiting exports of key raw materials.

    China's misbehavior deserves more attention, regarding both the causes of the post-dotcom boom/bust and how to get past it without setting ourselves up for greater catastrophe.

    BTW I've spent a lot of time on construction sites in the past few years. Tonight's "antidote" was anything but; more like a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

  3. g

    Behind the Scenes, Fed Chief Advocates Bigger Role

    "Despite criticism by some lawmakers that the Fed failed to anticipate the problems that led to the crisis, Mr. Bernanke has told associates that such critics fail to recognize the extraordinary actions taken by the central bank over the last year."

    hahaha That sounds just like Bush talking about how we haven't had a single attack since 9/11. Since 9/12, we've all been safe! I guess their memories only start after the problem was recognized

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