WordPress Transition Woes, Hopefully to be Resolved Later Today

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Dear readers,

I have the high class problem for you and me that this blog is sufficiently popular that it is straining the capacity of the new hosting environment (a database issue of some sort). There are ways to fix this, but temporarily I have gone back to Blogger, and will probably be back on WordPress later today.

I am migrating the posts since Saturday back manually, a real nuisance. Antidote du jours will be restored last.

You will NOT see comments left on WP since Saturday morning, sadly. They will be back when we switch back. Comments left on Blogger till the switchback may be orphaned, but I think this will only be from now till end of the afternoon.

Sorry about this, but this is harder on me than you…..

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  1. Peripheral Visionary

    No worries. I confess that I’ve been checking periodically throughout the day, hoping for a favorable reason for why your site was down, and so it’s a relief to have you back.

    (Even if I have to repost this comment later tomorrow!)

  2. asphaltjesus

    “straining the capacity” explanations Can be a complicated problem.

    If it is *just* a database issue, then you probably need a dedicated DB server.

    It may also be a WordPress issue. Scaling any application usually uncovers a host of bugs. Does your host provide logs of the failure?

    You need an honest hosting provider that can/will allocate the hardware resources to make your site work. This is not easy or simple and most web hosts don’t want your business that badly.

    I’m available to help if needed. It’s the least I can do in return for your contributions.

    m pa p e t AT yah00 DOT c0m

  3. Fuzzy Crew

    Why don’t you guys just stay on blogger? Let Google pay for the bandwidth and no problems.

    WordPress is a bitch as far as security and the constant need for updates is concerned.

    I can understand you’d like to move, but it is not a good idea, as you already found out. Hosting companies will squeeze every last penny out of you.

  4. skippy

    What asphaltjesus said + never hand out RECON like candy, CEO and two tech minions, oup cha'na.

    skippy…2/3 year old DB should do nice and cheep as chips

  5. mustafadream

    Power to you, sister! I just worked through my own WordPress problems… no fun.

  6. Econophile

    I find your posts difficult to read because you don’t use black as a font color. I never read the blog and rely on the feed instead–which has a black font.

  7. Yves Smith


    With all due respect, the text font is black. Only headings are other colors. If they are rendering differently, that is a local issue.

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