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Chimpanzees learn from video demo BBC

Ant mega-colony takes over world BBC

Nuns in the U.S. Are Facing Scrutiny by the Vatican New York Times

Few survive cardiac arrest, even with hospital CPR PhysOrg. Yes, but you are supposed to keep doing CPR until someone can do something to get the heart going, like defilibrate. I saw an awful incident in Europe. Our boat was in a lock, and a man in a motorboat behind us had a heart attack. A woman in the boat was desperately giving him CPR but also trying to keep the boat from banging into the lock. Needless to say, that interrupted the CPR. The man died. He probably would have died anyhow, but the point is you need to keep the CPR going even if the person is unresponsive. A doctor on our boat said people have been revived even after an hour plus of CPR.

Consumer credit down a massive 33% in Spain Ed Harrison

Harmful financial innovation Willem Buiter

Fissures Appear at the New York Fed Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Pay Approaches 2007’s Record Highs Huffington Post

SEC scraps brokers’ votes in board elections Financial Times

Hotel Loan Defaults Double In Second Quarter Boom2Bust

Gold – Weekly Chart Jesse. I am not sure I believe in this stuff, but the chart is cool.

WTO warns on barriers to trade Financial Times

The Man Who Crashed the World Michael Lewis, Vanity Fair (hat tip Economics of Contempt). On AIG.

sliim_sopata, can you please ping me at You had recommended some Citi research, which a blog contact could retrieve, but he needs a bit more detail to locate the piece. Thanks!

Antidote du jour. This is a famous pair, if you have not come across them before:

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  1. "DoctoRx"

    Yves: Thanks for the link to the NEJM.
    Note typo in your comment: "defibrillate" is correct spelling.

    Re gold, I visit Jesse's blog a lot and, while impressed by his technical charts, haven't found them predictive. Gold is down big today.

  2. tooearly

    Sorry, it is NOT a "yes but" when it comes to cpr. What you think hospitals don't have AED devices ?

  3. Yves Smith


    I do not want to see people read only the headline and come away with "if CPR doesn't work in hospitals, is it worth doing for anything more than a minute or two?
    " I don't want that news item to lead to someone drawing the wrong conclusion and worse wrong action if someone has a heart attack.

  4. skippy

    Re: CPR 30 min max with out pulse, its all about blood flow. If some one has no pulse after 20/30 min brain/organ damage/death is certain. If someone does CPR wrong it can increase or cause more damage/death, rib in lung or worse, so take some time to get your CPR ticket, may save a life some day. BTW the best feeling you'll ever have, so worth the time and money invested.

    Skippy…wife spent 20 years in the medical field and for the last two 2 years has worked as a paramedic, most rewarding work she has ever had. BTW is the most respected job for years in Australia.
    PS Her University path was to become a Coroner, go figure.

  5. Jesse

    Charts are like screwdrivers and hammers; one has to know how to use them.

    One thing I would suggest, for example, is NOT to use a long range weekly chart to predict the action for the next day.

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