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‘Time to ditch climate policies’ BBC

Is this really a great global recession? Rebel Economist. Looks at an unusual metric.

Amplifying the Drumbeat on the “Overdraft Protection” Racket Columbia Journalism Review

Meriwether Said to Shut JWM Hedge Fund After Losses Bloomberg. Whacked in a crisis yet again. Wonder if he was short vol this time around.

Japan Machine Orders Unexpectedly Fall, Exports Slump Bloomberg (hat tip DoctoRx)

In Summer Hideaway for the Rich, Slump Is Visiting, Too New York Times

How Long Before the Fed’s Days Are Numbered? Michael Panzner

Pope condemns capitalism’s ‘failures’ Financial Times

Antidote du jour:

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  1. albie



    Bloomberg Reports:

    By David Voreacos and Mort Lucoff

    "….. July 8 (Bloomberg) — Switzerland said it would seize UBS AG data to prevent the U.S. Justice Department from pursuing a U.S. court order seeking the identities of 52,000 American account holders in a crackdown on tax evaders…"

    "…. The assertion came in court papers yesterday in federal court in Miami, where the Justice Department sued UBS on Feb. 19, a day after the bank avoided U.S. prosecution for helping wealthy Americans evade taxes. The U.S. effort to enforce a summons seeking the names would force UBS to violate Swiss laws barring disclosure of such data, the filing said…."

    "…. The Swiss government “will use its legal authority to ensure that the bank cannot be pressured to transmit the information illegally, including if necessary by issuing an order taking effective control of the data at UBS that is the subject of the summons,” according to the filing….."

    What do you think of them apples. First the Swiss collaborated with the murderous Nazi regime and now they collaborate with Narcos, Terrorists, Human Slave Traffickers and sundry Tax Evaders. UBS is AKA in the trade as "The American Graft Exchange", I'm quite certain that we would find substantial deposits belonging to many of our legislators and public officials as well.

    Best regards,


  2. g

    BBC Time to ditch climate policies?? Why are so few asking this question and other questions, for example:

    Why is carbon the focus, when of the totality of all green house gasses, carbon based gas (natural and human caused) makes up <5% of the total?

  3. Joseph

    Meriwether – can't think of anyone who as got so rich through repeated failure and not gone to gaol

  4. Problem Photography


    Love your site, most insightful ( fun intended ). "In Summer Hideaway for the Rich, Slump Is Visiting, Too New York Times" either it is a bad link ( i click and get GM bankruptcy @ NY Times ) or I do not get your humor. but I do not get lots of peoples humor ( no surprise for me ).


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