More Book Review Candidates….

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Any takers? Some smart publisher types have noticed our reviews and are sending blurbs.

If interested, ping me at with your coordinates and a bit about your background. Thanks!

The first is A COLOSSAL FAILURE OF COMMON SENSE: The Inside Story of the Collapse of Lehman Brothers by former Lehman VP Lawrence G McDonald. McDonald explores the trillion dollar question of the financial crisis: What the hell happened at Lehman Brothers and why was it allowed to fail? He gives us a real insiders view into the mind of Dick Fuld and the other Brahmins at the top whose addiction to growth lead to the collapse of the nation’s oldest investment bank.

The second is IN FED WE TRUST by Wall Street Journal Columnist and reporter David Wessel. Here Wessel takes a look at the Fed’s true power and its role as a distinctly undemocratic institution. Explaining both what happened and why it happened during the great panic of 2008, Wessel provides new insight into how the Fed really works-and the fears Bernake and other key players dealt with as our economy was crashing around them.

BTW we have a good review queued up for Sunday, do check in!

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