Links 8/15/09

Facial expressions ‘not global’ BBC

Mutation Tied to Need for Less Sleep Is Discovered New York Times

Finance and the Flaw of Averages Paul Kedrosky

UK defends its healthcare Financial Times and Healthcare paranoia is part of America’s culture war Edward Luce, Financial Times

Ten Unsolved Problems in the Global Economy David Merkel

As of Friday August 14, 2009, FDIC is Bankrupt Michael Shedlock, This is a bit illusory, since the idea that the FDIC is self funging is a convenient fiction. When a lot of bank croak, Congress stumps up more money.

Bears prowl Wall St as insiders dump stock Reuters

A rally with troubling aspects Financial Times. Note this is a news story, not an op-ed.

Not Too Hard Michael Panzner. Another take on the “revolution” theme.

AP: A Giant Right-Wing Propaganda Network? Dean Baker

Treasury Bailout’s Limits on Lobbyists Still Haven’t Taken Effect Wall Street Journal. This is so “the dog ate my homework” as to be beyond belief. Ahem, if the Treasury were competent, it would have a short memo to all TARP banks conveying the message: “We are drafting legislation which will be retroactive to this date. You are not permitted to lobby and if we catch you doing anything like that, expect massive fines and public shaming.”

Antidote du jour. From the Lancashier Telegraph:

Pigs at a wildlife park are showing four legs really are better than two, by taking on the challenge of football.

Andrew Reeve, head keeper at the park, said the pigs play with a special ball that leaks feed as it rolls, encouraging them to move it around.

He said the highly-intelligent animals’ matches are getting faster and faster as they learn the best tricks to get their treats.

He said: “It was the owner Neil Mumby’s idea, we already do pig racing here which is a daily event along with other demonstrations and we wanted to do something new.

“Pig football was something that sprung into Neil’s mind.

“Basically we got hold of a special ball that releases feed as it rolls, and with pigs being so intelligent, they soon work out that they have to keep it moving. We get a couple of goals and they basically headbutt the ball and manoeuvre it with their snouts.”

He said five pigs are involved, and people are picked out of the crowd to help hold the goals for the 10-minute match.

“It’s very popular, he added. “It’s such an unusual thing, and as the pigs are learning more about the ball and the rewards they get the game is getting faster. They even balance the ball on their heads at times. It’s starting to get more exciting.”

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  1. attempter

    Re the Treasury: "other issues had consumed Treasury's time" –

    Yeah, we know all to well what those "other issues" were. Too bad we don't currently have a government whose every word isn't a predatory lie.

    Re wealth monopoly: The American people better get smart.

    Re sleep: So the article hints at research which could synthetically transform people into genetic freaks like Churchill or Napoleon who could function highly in a crisis on little sleep?

    Yeah, but I bet that too would simply be monopolized by wealth, by the worst. So I wish failure upon that researcher. That should be our basic line on technology and scientism, given these class war conditions.

  2. Doc Holiday

    Obama, after losing the high ground, dropped the ball as he looked away and pondered the fading light on the distant horizon, with its rising foggy haze.

    He felt a new day, another day was but one important and missing incremental piece of a sequence that would at some point fall into place — but the pigs below his feet were playing a game that was based on some internal or eternal clock which ticked at a pace, a rate that was out of sync, out of step with his own place in time — and the game below his feet took on a life of its own, a dynamic life that took his attention off the horizon, and forced him to realize what he had done by starting this endless game — he knew, there would not be a new day….

  3. LIL

    "his is a bit illusory, since the idea that the FDIC is self funging is a convenient fiction"

    Yves, as of late. whether its perhaps your biad=s regarding Harrison's prediction of a 4Q recovery, or your angst at ZeroHedge, I am disappointed at some of the simplistic things you have been saying.

    The FDIC was already shot down for more $$ this Spring. (Not to say they can't tap the Treasury, despite the turf wars).

    If it got out that the FDIC was broke, you'd see just how fast your loose and fast words here would make a fool out of you.

    Please think a little harder next time.

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