Links 8/14/09


  1. attempter

    Are bears unusual in LA? In suburban NJ we'd have to laugh at that. There was a bear in my yard just last weekend, the third time I've seen him on this street in the last two weeks.

    (I don't know what symbolic market implications that may have.)

  2. fresno dan

    "It wasn't that long ago that many people were making the argument that video games–because of their relatively low cost and many hours of entertainment value–were seen as close to recession-proof"
    Uh, a product bought by underemployeed guys living in their Mom's basements is recession proof? First thing to go!

    By the way, I didn't know we still had any bears in CA. Thought we kept them on the flag for the sake of nostalgia.

  3. asphaltjesus

    San Dimas is a *distant* suburb to Los Angeles that borders an area generically described as the "San Gabriel Mountains" on the north. The San Gabriel Mountains is various huge parcels of State/National forest.

    Bears are common there, but quite reluctant to making themselves known. If one is coming all the way down to town, that's not good. It's a long trip. Hopefully, it didn't get a taste for trash picking. It's should be killed if it hangs around eating trash.

    The bear on the California flag was hunted to extinction. (black bear I believe) This bear is a brown bear of some kind.

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