Links 8/29/09


  1. DownSouth

    @"America's deepening inferiority complex begins to bite"


    It echoes what Aaron L. Friedberg had to say:

    The literature on perceptions suggests that, however they come to be formed, the beliefs of national leaders (including, presumably, their beliefs about the relative power of states in the international system) are slow to change. Boulding argues that such adjustments occur rarely if at all, while John Stoessinger asserts that change is possible only as the consequence of some monumental disaster.
    –Aaron L. Friedberg, The Weary Titan: Britain and the Experience of Relative Decline, 1895-1905

    Americans, slowly joining the ranks of the hijos de la chingada, but still deluded into thinking their shit don't stink.

    (Does that sound skippyesque?)

  2. odograph

    On staying in bed, I did an experiment to see if I really needed heat in coastal southern California. I didn't, but on cold days climbing in bed to watch TV seemed like the thing to do.

  3. odograph

    (The experiment was really on the order of "how did we spread out to all these places without central heat?" Can my body just deal with it?)

  4. Ludwig

    Kroll is starting his own ratings agency?

    Doc Holiday, are you getting this?

    Now we're going to have to start a ratings agency that rates the ratings agencies (or did we do that already?)

    Uncle Billy

  5. skippy


    Stoking the bellows to the national pride fire signal stress to the system, internal or external. Now that the red threat is gone that continuum has been redirected, how long can the American Psyche which has been in hyper drive since WWII take with out a breather.

    Skippy…Is America just one big Gitmo undergoing advanced psychological treatment.

    PS.VG Chicago, relayed your message to Prof. Whiteford, which brought forth an honest chuckle.

  6. skippy

    BTW DownSouth interesting usage re. hijos de la chingada.

    Chingada being the verb form of the Nahuatl (Aztec) word for: to rape (chingar) and unused out side Latin America (see not in Spain).

    When the Spaniards arrived in the Americas, their raping of the indigenous women was so widespread that chingar began to be used as a curse, similar to the F-word.

    Skippy….have we come full cubicle.

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