Site in transition to new blogging platform.

We are transitioning this site from Blogger to WordPress (and a new hosting service) today.

For readers there should be no changes required to continue reading us via the website, email or newsfeed. However anyone posting comments or articles (i.e. guest bloggers) will notice a few changes to the editor interface.

We expect problems so please point them out to me.


Ed Wright

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  1. Juan


    Have archives and/or comments been lost in the transition?
    [I keep getting a ‘404’ code when using the ‘search’ function]

  2. Juan

    Using the ‘search’ function in order to pull up older comments results in a ‘404’ code and no content.

    Has the transition lost part of NC’s history?

  3. Ed Wright Post author

    It appears that this new hosting service is having some problems supporting the volume of activity for this site so we may be switching back to the Blogger platform later tonight.

  4. rjs

    right now, im having a few words go off either side of the screen, necessitating side to side scrolling, which i never noticed before…but its entirely possible im just looking for trouble…

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