1. Richard Kline

    I’m sure that’s what the book’s got you looking like Yves; if only you felt that good. Soon done.

  2. Josh

    Hey everyone, I made a G20 police brutality greatest hits compilation:


    That’s right, you get all your favorite hits: Sonic Weapon, Tear Gasing a CNN Reporter, Absurd Military Abduction and many more!

    Check out our video to let all these hits be yours today.

    Or we’ll detain and brutalize you.


  3. CB

    Very cool video

    Alan Alda’s new PBS series “The Human Spark.” This 3:55min video (“Running=Big Brains?”) is about how ‘our’ ability to run (control breathing, sweat) made upright apes able to outrun prey at low intensity over long distances. The lump kill, gave apes the protein (and I suspect the extra time to sleep, socialize, and observe/’experiment’), which helped them/us grow bigger brains.

    It works with the aquatic ape theory too. It’s not hard to imagine apes waiting by a narrow riverbed or watering hole, to chase an exhausted dehydrated deer. Maybe some stones were thrown (early tool use), maybe multiple apes led uncoordinated chase (beginning of codependence/cooperative effort.) Bigger brains meant better decisions making, which meant better food selection and the ability to focus and delay gratification (chase the deer and ignore the lizard.) Those smart enough to delay gratification kept evolving, the lizard eaters didn’t. Think of the child studies where the ability to delay gratification in return for double the reward (two candies instead of the one) predicted higher IQ and financial success in life.

    A TED Talk on Aquatic Ape theory (supported by Sir Richard Attenborough)

  4. dcortex

    Now I know how you get these pictures:
    What do you do? Injections? Doped Feed?
    C’mon fess up..that squirrel is high!

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