Links 9/15/09

Maori legend of man-eating bird is true New Zealand Herald

Teabaggers Scared To Death of Being Confused With Negro Protesters Wonkette

Stuff Some White People Don’t Like American Prospect

Americans Bring Home 1 Million Guns In August Boom2Bust

Economic Inequality: The Wall Street Journal is Just Wrong Bruce Judson

China’s retail sales growth figures are not consumption growth figures Michael Pettis

Economist warns of double-dip recession Financial Times

Lots of Fear Remains Over Economy, Job Losses Washington Post

Why a Lehman deal would not have saved us Niall Ferguson, Financial Times. Today’s must read, if nothing else, for this sentence: “If only Lehman had been saved, Jacko would still be alive.”

Antidote du jour:


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  1. ComparedToWhat?

    Buiter’s back, and in fine form.

    “The US officials supposed to lead the systemic reforms of the domestic and international financial system are the same people who failed to recognise the emerging disfunctionalities that produced the crisis, who indeed were responsible for creating some of these disfunctionalities, who failed to prevent the crisis, who re-fought the battle of the 1930s (and insist on taking great credit for doing so) and left us with the moral hazard nightmare legacy of the end of the first decade of the twenty first century.”

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