Reader Notice on Comments

Dear Patient Readers,

We are still debugging the WordPress version of the site. It was taken offline by our webhost for about an hour, much to our consternation.

I also learned that the blog was set up to filter spam comments. It seems to be overly zealous in doing so, in that the number tagged looks to be way above what I would see on a normal basis with Blogger.

So rest assured, I have not deleted or barred comments, this is a WordPress feature we need to tune. I am getting my WordPress expert to do something about it when he is back on line tomorrow.

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  1. fresno dan

    I wasn’t able to comment for a while – which may or may not be a good thing ;)
    My problem with these things you have to sign up for is that apparently you have to have a passwork for each computer and each moniker. As I use Fresno Dan whether on my home computer or at work, I am just to lazy to develop a home and work password and moniker. As I comment at a number of sights, it just gets too confusing.
    However, I understand bloggers wanting to screen commenters. I particularly enjoy the comments at this sight because they are serious, informed, and erudite.

  2. Margaret

    Having administered WordPress and Blogger blogs I can tell you that the amount of real spam coming through on WordPress was hugely greater than what came through on Blogger. In fact 99% of the commenters of the WordPress blog were from Rumania, so that spam filter will be necessary.

  3. VacantHomes

    I see that the Recent Items list now appears to load at the same time as the rest of the page. Hooray!! It was incredibly annoying on Blogger (especially on a slower connection such as an iPhone) to load your page, scroll down to start reading an article, and then have the Recent Items populate itself (asynchronously) 15 seconds later, forcing everything to scroll down one screen…

  4. Nostradoofus

    The world is swarming with purported WordPress experts, but the ability curve has a long right tail. Maybe you need a different expert? No, I’m not volunteering.

  5. rjs

    i have not been able to get your recent items to load since yesterday morning…& ive got no idea if this comment will even take

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