Antidote du Jour

Your humble blogger is WAAAY behind the eight ball! Apologies! Some of you sent very nice links and some good research too, and I am sorry I am not able to take advantage of them.

I am very much under the gun till next Wed, I am afraid my posts will be thin. Please bear with me, thanks!

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  1. Saloner

    Best luck with the book Yves.
    I look forward to resumption of full service at the blog once you’ve caught up with the eight ball and dealt suitably with it, and to the book too.

  2. Rahul

    We understand Yves, I await the book so don’t mind you spending some more time to cross the t’s.

    Nice pic this one – would like to use it someday in a presentation.. This section is always entertaining adding color in the world of black and red!

    Best of Luck! We cheer for you

  3. OrganicGeorge

    My wife has a Nov 1 deadline on her latest book.

    She surfaces only for potty breaks, coffee and food.

    We feel ya.

  4. Keenan

    RE: Antidote

    Visual metaphor: Newbie book author being squeezed by the publishing industry elephants. Dot’t let ’em trample you, Yves.

  5. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

    Some might not believe it, but elephants do appreciate beauty. So, I can imagine the little guy might be saying to the big guys, ‘Hey, move away! You are blocking my view of that beautiful purple and pink sunset.’

    This moving picture compares and yet at the same time contrasts with the familiar human situation where the little lobbyist complains to the big lobbyists, ‘Hey, move away! You are blocking my access to that piece of red meat, that piece of pork.’

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