1. fresno dan

    Pretty damn witty – and topical!!!

    but couldn’t they have gotten a skinnier guy to be Freddy Mercury???

  2. Jack Parsons

    This is about 10,000 times better than I was expecting.

    As to authenticity, well, they had a white guy play Freddie. He was a Parsee, from an island off Goa.

  3. catkiller

    This modern service oriented economy is going down the rat hole, and the next one is going to be more technical by an order of magnitude.

    I am all for everyone participating and carrying their share of the load, and women have an opportunity, if they get in on the ground floor, like the ones working on these blogs.

    I brought a lot of young women into enterprise architecture and trained many women that went on to become executives, but the multi-nationals are not touchy feely types. They are going to take everything off the table they can, while they can, and use anyone they can that is willing to participate.

    When they cut 20% out of medicare in the face of a demographic winter, who do you suppose is going to bear the brunt of those cuts? We are on the verge of replacing education wholesale, and state tax revenues are falling like a rock because America can no longer muscle a levy on the distribution of all energy around the world, to continue subsidizing this old economy.

    A lot of people got spoiled. People don’t like to change, but economies are replaced faster and faster all the time, and they get left behind. That’s natural selection. This time around, they intend to slaughter entire herds.

    It’s a race between liquidation and speed to disclosure, and generally speaking, the kids are the only ones elastic enough to get across the strait before the falsework collapses. Everyone else fights over ownership of the bridge, right up until the oncoming wall of water takes it out.

    The less capable old families, who cannot sustain the pressure of the nucleus, always roll out an economy of wanting what you cannot have, something for nothing, through agency, to engender participation with nothing more than promises to the masses and lottery winnings for a few to load the ponzi scheme. Those families, and everyone who followed them are going to get wiped out.

    For those who have not yet gotten across that trussel, I would suggest the following entry level material:

    programming the universe

    death by blackhole

    human origins

    endless forms most beautiful

    security analysis (1951) and

    electronics, principles & applications

    if you can add the multiplier effect of the traits you mention, so much the better. If you learn anything from those books, you will always have a job, and you will never have to feed the banks, because the economy will need you more than you need the economy. You just have to be smarter than a computer, and computers are dumb, for now. Stay ahead of the curve, or perish. That is evolution.

    Typical old economy problem:

    top ten symptoms

    10) programmers don’t break in, their code breaks out

    9) many of the people who created security problems are providing security

    8) ineffective code management drives power demand

    7) unexpected input fills the buffers

    6) its embedded across the global financial system

    5) it’s embedded across global distribution systems

    4) it’s married to best business practice and objective based management

    3) repeated calls to sub-procedures topple the system

    2) its an inverted pyramid

    1) it was employed as an economic hub

    (and they pissed off a lot of programmers)

    which company?

    I shouldn’t have to tell you these things.

    Filter the symptoms, monitor speed to disclosure, and calculate the effect on the fulcrum based on the centers of gravity.

    Evolution collects maladaptive behavior like a magnet, turning it into a blackhole, right up until the last fool buys a ticket, then it ignites, and starts over. Stay out ahead of that edge, but beware, blackholes grow in quantum. They collect non-performing assets, until the internal pressure ignites them, and that blackhole is about to get big fast.

    Enterprise architects keep the kids out in front of that edge. Right now, no one but the strongest swimmers should be in the water. Most are better off building on their talents to intersect with the growth of the new economy. Get as far away from that edge as you can. Don’t be surprised if you feed the bear by hand, and it eats you.

    1. Skippy

      Ahh complex systems person eh with wide perspective, me thinks. Yes one must be able to build both hardware and code to cross the bridge.

      Great books also.

      Skippy…H2Ceramic cooling is the bomb, but await Thermoacoustic’s advances impatiently.

  4. catkiller

    Don’t be surprised if they turn the Internet off.

    It was designed as a temporary bridge for the kids, the kids are across, and I can’t cover your backsides forever.

    Whether this bridge stays open or not is up to you.

    Good luck.

  5. catkiller

    Oh ya, for the bears.

    The probability of empire crash is approaching 100%.

    just so you know:

    I cut my teeth learning from Vietnam Vet amputees, I got my first lesson from an Admiral at age 9, and I spent my life designing economies as a ghost for the US Navy.

    I don’t expect these people in charge now to come to their senses, but should they do so, the next roll-out will make the Internet look like the Arpanet.

    As always, bet heads I win, tails you lose.

    That was the lesson.

  6. Lucian Cojocaru

    Excellent job! Congratulations!
    But the most amazing thing about it is this greatly and genuinely fitting the actual situation/nowadays story into the original soundtrack/videoclip.

    Guys, your made me pure and simple… speechless!

    And I was in the music production for more than 11 years…I like to believe that besides enthusiasm there is a little bit of know how and experience… that allow me to say what I said.

    Good Luck!


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