Links 10/14/09


  1. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

    Does it really cost $23 billion to send 460,000 to Harvard?

    Socrates used to teach more or less for free. He would take goat milk, eggs, vegetables, hemp juice…whatever the students could afford.

    Forget about endowments. Professors should first try to reform their own houses before trying to improve the world. They should refuse to teach where students graduate with millstones around their necks. Stop blame others. Look within.

  2. Thomas Barton, Jd

    Two thoughts. Why dont we kill the worst fighter jet program of all time, the hideous Joint Strike Fighter, and give everyone in America enough cash to buy 4 big macs at mickie dees ? Also are you recycling your antidote du jours ? That rhino looks awfully familiar. Maybe his mother works at Goldman Sachs.

  3. Dave Raithel

    Re Billions and Billions an Billions and ….

    I did read Yves Smith’s well put post the other day that obsessing upon executive compensation is a distraction, that it is to confuse symptom with disease, etc., and I thought that her case was better made than Niall Ferguson’s (appearing in the links a day or so earlier).

    It’s distracting stories like this, I guess, that won’t qualm my desire – a suppressed need, perhaps – to slap somebody upside their head with a sock full of washers.

    I caught Barbara Ehrenreich on Democracy Now (yesterday) promoting her newest book, a critique of the “Happy” and “positive” self-help cottage industries that put you at the center of all your problems. One of her points was too healthy: You shouldn’t always turn your anger and bitterness into something else, you should sometimes act on those emotions – they have their purpose.

    So perhaps doing something to the thieving bastard whores at Goldman et al isn’t just obsessing on a symptom, but instead is lancing a pus-filled cyst: The disease, and the symptom, are so closely proximate that disinfection requires repudiation. Those shits will do nothing different until money is taken from them, and nothing in the way of significant financial reform will come about until their livelihoods are threatened.

  4. Dave Raithel

    Gaithner’s buddies …

    Well f..k me and the rest of us as well. Could be that I’m just a bit grumpy after spending the day installing cabinets at the farmhouse I’ve been helping remodel when not tending the vineyard. Could be I’m just a bit peeved that I learned today our health insurance premiums are going up, but neither me nor my wife got raises this year. Could be I’m sad for my oldest son who graduated from college in May and still hasn’t found a full time job, and his part time gig ran out when the fiscal year turned over October 1st.

    Could be I don’t get why you can spit on some people and they will tell you it must be raining …

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