Links 10/16/09

Massive killer whale pod sighted BBC

First black hole for light created on Earth New Scientist

iPhone saves woman from bear Register Hardware (hat tip reader Michael)

Gates pledges millions to African, Indian farming Raw Story (hat tip reader John D)

US credit card defaults fall, but delinquencies up Reuters (hat tip DoctoRx)

Goldman faces bonus fury as staff rewards top $16bn Independent. The reporting on the other side of the pond is much more fiery than here.

Obama wins first financial reform victory in months Reuters. If they call this a victory, their objectives are way too low.

Consumers Falling Behind In Paying Off Debt Boom2Bust

Elliot Spitzer Lays Out Game Plan to Get Rid of the Chamber of Commerce Robert Oak, Economic Populist

Why the US dollar may strengthen in 2010 Christian Broda , Piero Ghezzi, Eduardo Levy-Yeyati, VoxEU

A Hatchet Job So Bad It’s Good Paul Krugman

Obama isn’t helping. At least the world argued with Bush Naomi Klein, Guardian. Today’s must read.

Antidote du jour:


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  1. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

    Before they make a black hole, do they have to file an environmental impact report?

    What got me curious was the talk recently about permanent settlement on the Moon. Do they have to file an EIR?

    I guess the question should be asked before every research grant. ‘How the environment will be impacted if we grant you money to do research on atomic bomb, Mr. scientist?’

  2. LeeAnne

    Naomi Klein: “But a clear pattern has emerged: in areas where other rich nations were teetering between principled action and negligence, US interventions have tilted them toward negligence.”

    methinks there’s a connection between Naomi Klein’s conclusion and the FEDs half a $trillion swap (loans) to foreign central banks, a pattern begun in late 2007 according to testimony by Bernanke testifying under questioning by Alan Grayson:
    Florida congressman Alan Grayson laughs in Ben Bernanke’s face – priceless! begin at 3:18.

    We’re looking at massive cover up of massive international banking fraud .

    Grayson knows what he’s dealing with; he’s a brilliant man willing to be seen as economically naive for the higher purpose of exposing these guys.

    Look at Grayson’s Education and Early Career on Wikipedia at His resume academically, in law, and business is stunning.

  3. PiffleDragon

    I like the first comment on Klein’s article:

    If Naomi Klein is not happy, then that is good news.

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