1. Diego

      You fell in love with her beauty. You took her obvious lies as the most sacred truth. You put everything (house, bank accounts, cars) in her name.

      Just some months later, she’s left you for that arrogant Latin lover and has moved to Madrid to spend what was *your* money.

      You want to kill her.

      Sorry, lad. You’ve been a fool. Get over it. Don’t make matters worse by becoming a criminal.

  1. Cynthia

    Notice that this holiday cartoon contains a mosque in the distance. This reminds me that by ordering cruise missile attacks on two locations in Yemen, our Nobel Peace Prize-winning president has expanded his war beyond the Stans:


    And I must say that Jeremy Scahill is right in describing the Democrats from the left wing of the War Party as “cruise missile” liberals:


      1. mclaugh

        Uh … dude … you DO realize that, “given the date,” it’s ALSO impossible for a Goldman Sachs rep to be there, too, DON’T YOU???

      2. Cynthia

        You’re right, of course. But I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to learn that the cartoonist intentionally put a mosque in this cartoon of his in order to add an additional layer of humor to it.;~)

  2. alex

    In keeping with the spirit of the season it’s a hopeful cartoon. When that kid grows up he’s going to throw that bastard out of the temple.

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