1. Robert Hammer

    It is absolutley insane how closely the market environments of 1929-1939 and 1999-2009 mirror each other. If you think about it, the Dow Jones Industrials represented the American industrial economy the best in the 30s. Today the Nasdaq probably represents the American technology/service based economy the best. Check out these charts to see what I’m talking about. Let me know what you think, the similarities are hard to deny.


    1. evilhon

      Hey Ed…

      Do you still live with you Mom and watch the SYFY chanel on Saturday night? You sound like you do….

  2. Joe in Morgantown

    You know, I not a bit fan of Palin as a politician, but I find her very likable. At least she is anti-bailout.

    Shatner is ok, too.

  3. Toombs

    Wow, I can’t believe she got so much applause. I cannot stand her… all politicians are liars, but she is so stupid that her lying just really makes me angry. She doesn’t even understand the things she lies about. Her only ability is to recite GOP talking points that she memorizes nightly. She is incapable of original thought. Even Bill O’Reilly can’t stand her and purposely makes her look foolish while interviewing her because she knows the GOP cannot win with her on any ticket.


    1. Judas K. Foxglove

      Just Ms. Palins complete reversal on the Bridge to Nowhere should expose her as a full-time liar.

      She loved it, begged for it, lobbied for it, then after it was defunded claimed she opposed it all along in her campaign propaganda.

  4. craazyman

    Polishing up my “I’m for Sarah!” button.

    I’m feeling the love.

    See ya’ later, Democratic Party. The Palin Administration will know what to do with Banksters, It’ll be just like Moose Hunting.


    1. Dave Raithel

      It will go either of two ways: 1) The Banksters will still be running what they now run or 2) Everything will collapse and we’ll use Pepsi-Cola bottle caps for currency. The metal ones, from glass bottles. See how many you can find.

      There’s no in-between.

  5. mike from Arlington

    She is not anti-bailout for the bozo above. She was for the TARP.

    You people are a bunch of mindless idiots. Seriously.

  6. Carrick

    I couldn’t bare to finish watching it. She’s a sick person, and her popularity is a barometer for our country’s anxiety. That she is less popular with conservative women than men, says something about what she’s really peddling.

    1. carrierpigeon

      Its hard to believe that a person who is FAMILIAR with the word ‘feckless’ can BE so feckless. This country was founded on exactly the conservative priciples that Palin held to in Alaska and that gave her such support as she cleaned house in BOTH parties. I’m not a huge fan of her delivery style. She strikes me as so easily lampooned because of her speech mannerisms that she has difficulty being taken seriously in quarters where support is needed by people who do little to nothing to understand the underlying issues. That having been said, GWB won twice and his personna is so much easier demeaned. I’m not a big Bush fan, though I voted for him as the most viable of the available candidates, I would vote much more eagerly for Palin if she got her party’s nod than I did for Bush.

  7. steve from virginia

    Palin is like getting poked in the eye with a sharp stick. Nothing marks the end of America as a ‘real country’ like Palin’s existence along with her gibberish.

    She’s just another big business tool, totally corrupt like all the rest of them. In a perfect world, Palin would be Tiger Wood’s love slave, condemned to camp out on Michael Jackson’s grave ’til death did them part.

    I can’t believe the government Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, John Adams, and our other founding fathers has devolved into the lunatic asylum it has become, now.

    Imhofe, Lieberman, Palin, Gingrich, Frank, Pelosi, Giuliani, McCain, Dodd … Obama. Where do they get these people? All are truly horrible, terrible, perverse, feckless, mindless idiots. In the worst crisis that has ever faced the country, the political class is the worst the country has ever seen.

    May god have mercy on us all since the politicians certainly won’t.

  8. Carrick

    Lightning-Produced Radiation a Potential Health Concern for Air Travelers

    Recent findings from scientists at the Florida Institute of Technology, UC Santa Cruz and the University of Florida are estimating that airplane passengers and crews traveling through just one thunderstorm of lightening-emitted X-rays, gamma rays and high-energy electrons could be exposed to radiation amounts equal to 400 chest X-rays–the maximum safe radiation exposure over a person’s lifetime.

    1. Dave Raithel

      But I like this:


      Though your link best illustrates that the man knew that he does best by being his own caricature.

      As much as I detested Dubya, I thought of him as a malicious clown – but a real person. The Stupid Milf from Alaska would be our first Cartoon President?

  9. Tenney Naumer

    Thank you! This made my day! Love Shatner, can’t stand Palin, but she got him good, you have to give her credit for that. Maybe she has a future on FOX where she belongs.

  10. dearieme

    “Imhofe, Lieberman, Palin, Gingrich, Frank, Pelosi, Giuliani, McCain, Dodd … Obama. Where do they get these people? All are truly horrible, terrible, perverse..”: though, unlike Jefferson, they don’t prattle about Liberty while owning slaves. Including his mistress. And including his children by her.

  11. Doug

    I like her simply because the “elites” and the Ivy Leaguers, who are driving this country into the ground can’t stand her.

    Most who “hate Palin” and call her a “Whore” are elitists in anti-establishment anti-elitist dross – thinking themselves superior to the superiors. they rail against the fetid swamp of a corrupt government, who don’t give a damn about the will of the people, and then thumb their nose on anyone from the working class or has a different background. Like this Taibbi (whatever his name is) hack.

    Rue the day. If any of these elitist anti-elitist poseurs got into power, it would be “meet the new boss, same as the old boss”.

    Palin would gut the corruption out of government from the bottom up. Anyone who doesn’t believe that, is ignorant of her actual track record in Alaska.

    1. The Rage

      Uh, Palin is totalitarianism in a nutshell, serving the plutocracy as she must. She is corruption. She serves corruption and fosters it. Ivy leaguers are who runs Palin.

      My hope is you are being sarcastic.

    2. Ina Pickle

      You are kidding, right? She’s been one long corruption probe for as long as she’s been in power, and she’d suddenly change her stripes with MORE power?


      1. carrierpigeon

        Ummmmm, case in point right here, folks. Ethics investigations have outcomes. Did you care to follow how those ethics investigations TURNED OUT? Idiot.

    3. carrierpigeon

      Great call! If you can ever wade through the shallow juvenile attacks that have no connection to her principles and get down TO the attacks that address what she has done its easy to see how historically AND currently ignorant most of the posters on these sites are. The liberals almost invariably make references to “MILF”s and other Jr. High terms that show their core fuel is emotion and that they have zero grasp of issues or principle. I LOVE it. The more they protest the more dangerous they consider her. Exactly the reason Obama gets so much negative attention.

      1. JTFaraday

        The all out gynecological attack on Palin the weekend they announced her candidacy made me want to go crawl under a rock.

    4. wunsacon

      Geez, stop bitching about “Ivy elites”. Some big percentage of them go on to honorable, less-overly-paid work than Wall Street.

      Where did Michael Milken, Kenny Lay, Bernie Ebbers, and Bernie Madoff go to undergrad?

      Some studious, hard-working people want to help the world. Others want to pillage it. Do you think Harvard admissions can tell the difference when they read an application?

  12. emma

    Let’s discuss Palin by her own words then… let’s put aside all those starbursts the RIGHT are always discussing with regards to her, but somehow is off limits as a topic for the left. Sure thing.

    John McCain: “And so I think that there’s nobody more qualified to take on our mission of being energy independent”

    Yeah, Palin the energy expert? Okay, over to you Sarah…

    Sept 11, 2008: “…I’ve been working on for these years as the governor of this state that produces nearly 20 percent of the U.S. domestic supply of energy…”

    Foremost expert, remember? If you cut her any slack on this number, you are letting her confuse crude oil production with crude oil equivalents and total liquids production. NO ONE with an ounce of “expertise” in oil and gas would EVER confuse these things. It’s like a “sports expert” rattling on about a future match-up between the Celtics and the Patriots. Really, it is that unforgivably naive. To explain this weird number further you would also have to overlook her assuming liquids are the only source of energy produced in the country, as opposed to, say: coal, or nuclear, or hydro. In reality, she has demonstrated here that she knows nothing about u.s. energy, or oil, or gas production. So, tell me, fans of Palin, I’m curious, if this is her “area of expertise”? What topic does she actually know about that I as a voter could use to judge her candidacy?

    (The correct answer was 2.4% of all energy, btw.)

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