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  1. eric anderson

    I’m very saddened to hear of the killing of the bus-riding kitty. Before the cat’s demise, that was almost and “antidote of the day” kind of story.

    I know Huffington-Puffington readers probably would like to see Sarah Palin get run over. I’m of no opinion about her running. I’d like to see her in any position where she can do the most damage to the oligarchy. If Batman’s “The Joker” was in Washington DC, I think he’d probably say, “This town needs an enema!” I believe Sarah can help ’em out with that, one way or another. You betcha.

    1. DingDong

      [Hundred] Thousands of people died or are dieing on Haïti, in multiple wars and of starvation and we get “saddened” over a cat…

  2. Pat Donnelly

    I am unable to access your blogs from after 4th Jan to the pig on the settee.
    I have also tried to read the FT article about the UK following Iceland.
    The tell me that the loads are too heavy….for the last four days? I can access from Australia, other FT articles. I also wrote this up on where the reference to the ft article was censored without anyone telling me why…..

  3. kevinearick

    The difference between a black hole, a sun, and a gamma burst is time to energy dissipation. Relative to the universe, they are all the same. Relative to the sub-circuits, the sun is an ac circuit, with an inductor and a capacitor; it feeds and is fed. A gamma burst is a dc circuit with no capacitor. A black hole is a dc circuit with the inductor removed.

    Revelation is instantaneous, resonant re-coherence on the event horizon, a gamma burst. Sub-circuits that do not create diversity are in a race against time, which they all lose. Everyone entering such a race loses; the only question is when the different individuals drop out, and that is relative. Breeding reactance is everything.

    They’re spending money like it’s going out of style in D.C., re-enforcing morale. Quite the juxtaposition. Cranes everywhere, and cops swarming the construction zones at night, writing tickets for 5 mph over the posted limit, with double fines.

    Notice the other work zones across the country, with no work going on. Your tax / stimulus dollars at work, planning and proclimating vertical opportunity costs. Watch for those green jobs building more freeways, brought to you courtesy of the AFL-CIO, with healthcare paid for by $10/hr unprotected labor, which only gets the bill.

    MS helping the Chinese authorities. Say it isn’t so.

    1. kevinearick

      Capital, Government, & Labor:

      So, there I am, working for a “christian” – every dirty trick in the book, remove the rebar after inspection, the whole nine yards; young, hard-working, yes sir-no sir type, making $4/hr. Everyone else quits, I don’t believe in quiting an employer at the time, protestant work ethic.

      While I’m building the walls, he goes and picks someone up off the street, drops him off. While I’m putting the walls together, streety tells me what I should be doing. When I finish, I ask him to help me stand the walls. He says he has a bad back.

      No problem. I stagger cut the plates, stand the sub-walls, and cleat them back together. Then I shoot the bull with this guy waiting for 3 o’clock, when the boss always comes charging back in like he just walked through fire to get back to the job, and tells me that I just don’t know what he goes through.

      He looks me staight in the eye, and asks me if I’m gold-bricking, seriously. I walk to my vehicle without a word, leaving them with their jaws on the slab, never to set eyes on them again.

      Next, we’ll talk about standard business practice of the AFL-CIO, then the Fortune 500.

      1. Skippy

        Re the re-bar. She’ll be right. just send the new guy out in *your* truck to pick up a case of beer, as he’s probably the bosses new drinking buddy o/0 slash shoulder parrot.

  4. joebek

    Reflection on the HuffPo report about a CBS poll on the citizenry’s attitude toward a Sarah Palin presidency brings to mind the following description in Insight by Bernard Lonergan, SJ, of a society in crisis:

    “Similarly, insight into oversight reveals the cumulative process of decline. For the flight from understanding blocks the insights that concrete situations demand. There follow unintelligent policies and inept courses of action. The situation deteriorates to demand still further insights, and as they are blocked, policies become more unintelligent and action more inept. What is worse, the deteriorating situation seems to provide the uncritical, biased mind with factual evidence in which the bias is claimed to be verified. So in ever increasing measure intelligence comes to be regarded as irrelevant to practical living. Human activity settles down into a decadant routine, and initiative becomes the privilege of violence.”

  5. Don

    The article on ‘Google squirting a water pistol at China’s Great Firewall amid hypocrisy,’ seems to be pretty mixed up, and is just a random information dump by the author.

  6. MichaelC

    Followup: Sorkin responds to questions about 14B in the secret vault

    Felix Salmon hosted Sorkin over the weekend:

    This exchange relates to the 14b question

    pocketblonde January 17th, 2010 at 2:05 pm asked

    While I understand the second edition of TBTF will note that these were stock certificates of the subsidiaries, that still doesn’t quite make sense. If they were for the subsidiaries, why would AIG physically walk them over to the Fed, rather than just sign an agreement pledging them as collateral? Some stories beg for a follow up; this, I would think, is one of them

    Andrew Ross Sorkin January 17th, 2010 at 2:11 pm responded
    pocketblonde –
    they were stock certificated of aig’s subsidiaries. they were being pledged as collateral. however, your larger point is well taken: at that moment, the company was insolvent. but the fed didn’t realize that!

  7. fluffy

    Re: the Financial Armageddon piece on out-of-work pros working part-time for the census:

    That was tongue-in-cheek and I just missed it, right? I mean even a Cincinnati paper can’t that cheerful about what seems a sure sign of the Apocalypse, right? Right? Anyone? Bueller?

    1. Yves Smith Post author


      If you go to the Archives, in the right column, and click on January, and use “Older Entries” to scroll backwards, they most assuredly are all there. I am not clear at all on what your issue is.

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