Some Good Early Feedback on ECONNED

Folks, I am told that authors have to do (virtually) all the marketing for their books themselves and have to promote them shamelessly the time without looking like it. Since subtlety is not my strong suit, I hope readers will cut me a bit of slack if I mistakenly go overboard. I also hope describing snippets of the process will be instructive to anyone thinking about writing a book himself.

The book is officially published 3/2/10 (countdown!) and may be in bookstores a wee bit before that. You can preorder, and I will have a button and links to the major online book vendors on the website soon.

The book has also gotten some good blurbs. One I liked particularly, sadly, had to be rewritten because the publisher hated it (no accounting for taste, needless to say). This was from Satyajit Das:

Robin: “dot.con, world.con! Holy cow, Batman, what cons next!”
Batman: “e.con, of course! Yves Smith, my favourite batgirl ever xxxx, lays bare the evils of neo-liberal economics and the underworld of the Financial Crisis as only she can.
Robin: “Do I need to really read it!”
Batman: “Of course, It’s all done with your money!”

But Das was gracious enough to re-do his, and the other ones are strong:

“In ECONned, Smith blows the top wide open on the role that economists
and policy makers had in enabling Wall Street greed and misdeeds. This
fascinating book reads like a detective story uncovering the roots of
our disastrous financial philosophy– a must be read for everyone
from Wall Street to Washington to Main Street.”
Nouriel Roubini, Professor of Economics at New York University and founder of RGE Monitor

“Yves Smith has written a wonderful book which combines first hand knowledge of financial markets with a devastating attack on the scientific pretensions of economics. It is required reading by all those who want to dig below the surface of the worst economic collapse since the war to the intellectual and regulatory rottenness underlying it.”
Lord Skidelsky, author of ‘Keynes-The Return of the Master’

“This book is a fascinating and insightful reminder that economics is like any other powerful tool. It can be used to help understand the world and solve important problems—or to rationalize ridiculous behavior and overwhelm common sense. Smith provides a brilliantly researched tour of good ideas gone bad.”
Charles Wheelan, author of Naked Economics: Undressing the Dismal Science

“Lost your job, lost your life savings, the country’s going down the proverbial – want to know who did it? Yves Smith tells the tale of how bad economics created the foundations for the ‘Madoff economy’. After you read the book, just collect your pitchforks and get ready to march on the University of Chicago or Wall Street or both! A refreshingly sane and honest analysis.”
Satyajit Das, author of Traders, Guns & Money: Knowns & Unknowns in the Wonderful World of Derivatives.

“The helplessness you feel in the face of the demonic complexity of modern finance . . . set it aside, and pick up Yves Smith’s ECONned. Indignation, clarity, and omnivorous knowledge come together in her writing to explain how . . . we, the taxpayers, are being meticulously fleeced.
Never go into an argument about the financial crisis unarmed again.”
Stephen Metcalf, Slate Columnist

Now on to working on the press release (no joke, that is on my plate for tonight)

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  1. alex

    No apologies needed – sometimes you gotta toot your own horn a little. Congratulations on the positive reviews – I look forward to reading the book.

  2. Doug Terpstra

    Congrats, Ives! Great endorsements; I’m sold, but too bad you lost the Bat Girl image. Will you offer autographed copies from here?

    1. Yves Smith Post author

      Thanks for reminding me! I plan to, but need to figure out how to coordinate that with Palgrave.

  3. emca

    Robin’s hyperventilating dialogs with Batman is a classic exploration of economics and the world of comic book mentality, the utter foundation of modern financial innovation.

    Your publisher is in grievous error.

  4. Francois T


    Didn’t you work hard enough on this puppy to tell everyone how good it is? :-D

    Thought so!


  5. Skippy

    Fantastic! Now I can reference said blurbs to unsuspecting trotters whilst I feed them their own nipples as a first (old Roman gastric delight and deliciously ironic…), then issue your prose as a gift. We’ll see how it goes, should be an interesting concourse never the less.

    Its that or some form of heavy element down the road.

    Skippy… again, Kudos!!!

    PS discount for volume over 100????? not kidding either!

  6. psychohistorian

    Congratulations on your sterling reviews. They should make marketing your prose much easier. Let them speak for you.

    I just want to believe that you are going to use the deserved acclaim you get from this book to redouble your efforts to challenge our current economic ship of state instead of escaping to Australia or Japan or ???.

    Thanks for your efforts to date which are greatly appreciated.

  7. mailman

    Hearty congrats … Hope to read it soon. can you post the link to Amazon page once you have it?

  8. Rahul Deodhar

    Finally! now the wait begins for us!

    I don’t mind you tooting the horn. finally someone is tooting the right one! Can’t wait to lay my hands on the copy.

    Congrats once again!

  9. Gerald Muller

    A word of congratulations from France! I have long ordered your book on Amazon.
    It seems you might read French from your oft expressions such as “quelle surprise” and the like. Have you, by any chance heard of a slim but devastating book called “Libéral mais non coupable” (liberal but not guilty) by someone who, like you, writes under a pseudonym, Charles Gave. He operates now in Hong Kong, having long decided that Europe had little future.
    I very much look forward to comparing your views (which I am sure will be more detailed) with those of Gave.
    Best of luck anyway!

  10. Don

    I was going to be buying your book anyway, but the fantastic reviews make me more than anxious to read it. Congratulations!!

    1. bob goodwin

      to self make an ebook, use

      I used to be a director on the kindle team at Amazon.

    2. Yves Smith Post author

      Yes, that is now pretty standard in publishing. I think they release it for Kindle etc. on or right after the pub date.

  11. tfitzaz

    Added to my Amazon wish list. Make a daily stop at the blog. Not crazy about the cover, but looking forward to reading what’s inside. Congrats

  12. Amit Chokshi

    Congrats, I will def pre-order. Is it going to be kindle ready?

    If you want to do a discussion re the book and bring some books up and do some quasi book signing/sales in the fairfield county CT area let me know. I am on the board of the stamford cfa society and we’ve done similar events. had the late peter bernstein do a speech along with some books and we’ve also had flat out book signing events.

  13. Donlast

    Don’t know how you manage to run a first-class daily website and write a seminal book.

    If those who populate government had as much integrity, self-discipline, application and knowhow we wouldn’t be in the state we’re in now.

  14. DoctoRx

    In addn to Donlast’s 9:10 AM comments, there’s the ongoing business that actually brings in income!

    Yves: Last year, you discussed the subtitle. What was the decision?

  15. Cullpepper

    I’m excited to read it.

    Question for ya: How rigorous is fact-checking process in a book like this? Do you have to take out insurance in case someone slaps a libel suit on you? Or do the big money people ignore this sort of writing? I can’t imagine you can cover this subject without laying out a few players as complete rat-fink bastards.

    1. Yves Smith Post author

      NO FACTCHECKING. I do have a ridiculous number of endnotes. This is not like magazines, where the magazine eats the liability. Basically, the author is liable even when the publisher is named in the suit. The contracts are horridly one sided in favor of the publisher.

      They did have a legal review, however, that is standard. And the reality is anyone would be nuts to sue someone who published a book that has dirt that is reasonably accurate. First, it brings even more attention to the matter. Second, the target would be able to do discovery (meaning get access to e-mails, phone logs, financial records) to prove that his claims were valid. And the target would have trouble arguing the records should be kept sealed.

  16. Siggy

    I will buy your book.

    I’d really like a signed copy, can you make that possible?

    I got Zandi to sign a copy of his for me. He was at our offices for a presentation. We had been clents of for near ten years and we counted him a friend. When we first bought into his services we were at his annual confab in West Chester and at the conclusion I told him he did ‘Good Work’. He looked at me like I was some sort of buffoon, then turned gracious and let me wander off for the airport. To this day I doubt that he understood the compliment. I still think he does Good Work despite the fact he continues to be reluctant to be completely forthright as to current conditions and what they portend. You, in contrast, occupy a position that permits you to be very forthright.

    As to your blog, You Do Good Work. I do not always agree with your positions, nonetheless I find your points of view interesting and very often very helpful. For me the value of your blog is that it is, indeed, Good Work and what that means as to the quality of the prose and the research that lies behind the argument.

    I’ve been building a collection of signed copies obtained from writers I consider to have a viewpoint worth attention, not necessarily because I might agree with their arguments, but because they present arguments that should be considered. Your arguments here in your blog are of that nature, they are a contribution to the dialogue and they enhance the understanding of our current condition and where it is that we are headed.

    All the best

    1. Yves Smith Post author

      I’m happy to sign copies, the easy way is a signed bookplate (this is what Barry did), which I will see about organizing via Palgrave (Wiley does this, but I haven’t gotten Palgrave to focus on that).

  17. linda in chicago

    Won’t you please come to Chicago (to promote your book)?

    The Seminary Coop Bookstore on the U of Chicago campus frequently hosts authors. Its main store is in the building that is destined to house the Milton Friedman Institute. The irony would be delicious. I’m sure you already have lots of friends in Chicago, but if I can do anything to help, please let me know!

    This is their website:

    Please keep us all up to date re: your travel plans.

  18. K Ackermann

    Congrats on the book, and those are some great reviews! Toot away. We’ll all be reading it, I’m sure.

  19. kevin de bruxelles

    I preordered mine from but I have to wait until mid-April. I look forward to having you signing it during the European leg of your book tour!

    1. Yves Smith Post author


      Thanks so much for your order, and sorry about the delay. The UK pub date is six weeks behind the US. Don’t ask why, these things are a mystery to me.

  20. Magi Ritz

    Congratulations on the great reviews. Of course, S. Das review was the most telling and original. I very much look forward to your book and will tell everybody in Switzerland about it. And I appreciate your great work in this blog. It’s one of the best analysis of the current dire conditions we are in.

  21. ScottB

    Pre-ordered mine some time back, really looking forward to the read.

    I’d love to see you in person again in Portland, you should do a reading at Powell’s Books. Let me know if you’re interested.

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