1. attempter

    Unfortunately there’s still way too many liberals who took a “promise ring” from him and are still faithfully waiting for him to come for them, however faithless he has proven himself…

  2. alex

    That doesn’t need to be a very sophisticated ring – the kid got rooked if he had to send in more than 2 box tops. All we need to do is recycle an old joke:

    Q: How do you know when Obama is lying?
    A: His lips are moving.

  3. IdahoSpud

    Ralphie is about to reach the point where he beats the crap out of the Farkas kid with the yellow eyes.

    That kid could be our proxy for Larry Summers.

    The parallels abound. They were in the middle of a Depression as well.

  4. BSmith

    I just find it very silly that people just keep yelling at someone who is no different that Bush,Clinton, and so on. There is no big thing from any one because of many things inside and outside control of any administration like politics, money and the rest. So step back and take a hard look at the big picture folks and put blame were it really needs to be.

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