First Printing of ECONNED Sold Out Pre-Release

Just a quick update, my agent called with the news that ECONNED is already in its second printing. However, it’s also worth noting that “sold” in this case is a combination of bookstore orders and pre-sales (ie, they are not all end-buyer purchases). But the agent said the publisher, Palgrave, is very pleased.

Also, readers have asked re a Kindle version. The files have gone over to Amazon and it should be ready for purchase when the print edition goes on sale (next Tuesday, March 2) or very very shortly thereafter.

Thanks for your interest!

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  1. jbmoore61

    Congratulations! Now, I hope you make the NYT Best Seller List. Looks like your efforts and sacrifice have paid off. Well done, Yves! Hopefully more good fortune and good reviews to come.

  2. Unnamed Newbie

    Hi Yves, congratulations! Any chance of a Kindle edition for us in Europe?I’ll never understand publisher reasons for things like that, oh well :)

    1. Yves Smith Post author

      This publishing stuff is a mystery to me.

      The UK/international release is 6 weeks after the US release (do not ask me why that is, it makes no sense to me) and I would assume the site will release its Kindle version then. I will check and let you know if that it not correct.

  3. nowhereman

    I’ve pre-ordered mine and can’t wait for it to arrive. Congratulations Yves I wish you great success, you deserve it after all your hard work, both here on your blog, and in your greatly anticipated book.

  4. Zephyrum

    Congrats, Yves!

    I’ve had it on order with Amazon since September. They’re saying the expected delivery is March 4th. Can’t wait.

    Hope your blog doesn’t get overrun though. The comment quality has been really high for a long time.

  5. psychohistorian

    Hey Yves, click on the Powell’s Books link on your web page. They offered me a (one only) used version of your book for $22 and then elsewhere on the page offered to order it at $30.

    Methinks they are confused.

  6. Skippy

    Well lovely lady I could not be happier for you.

    May positive outcomes flow both in global perspective and coinage in your purse.

    Skippy…let the debate be taken up by all, so a solution can be hammered out that all can live with.

  7. jdrennan

    Its now available for pre-ordered on the Kindle. Only complaint is they’ve priced it at $17 instead of $10. Sure there will be a bunch of 1-star reviews over pricing.

    1. Yves Smith Post author

      Eeek, have put in panicked/upset call to agent to see what this is about. I thought the most it might be was $14 to correspond to one of the iPad e-book price points.

        1. Jon H

          I doubt that has anything to do with the price of Yves’ book, as non-fiction ebooks were never part of the $9.99 pricing thing.

    2. Jon H

      Non-fiction kindle books are generally over $9.99, and always have been, ya cheapskate.

      Computer-related kindle books are generally over $30.

      Marcia Stigum’s The Money Market is $73 (hardcover $81. At borders the hardcover is $125)

      The highest-priced kindle books are non-fiction specialist nuclear engineering texts that go for several thousand dollars.

    3. Jon H

      Also, one-star reviews are the domain of cranks and ideological drive-bys. Most of the “overpriced” one-star reviews are probably ideologically-driven posts by people who had no intention of buying the book anyway, and are just responding to something in the news, such as the slap-fight with MacMillan. Such ‘reviews’ decrease in frequency as soon as BoingBoing stops covering whatever it was.

      Case in point, from a one-star review of “This Time Is Different”, which isn’t even from Macmillan:

      My comments have nothing to do with the content of “This Time is Different” which was referred to me as an excellent book to consider buying. I was doing just that (which typically begins with a Kindle Sample Download) when I realized that the Kindle price was nearly $16 (only a couple dollars below the hardcopy price). Having read today that Amazon was fighting with Macmillan Publishing over their new book pricing plans I vote with Amazon to keep Kindle prices reasonable.

      In general, one-star reviews are noise and rants. Two-star reviews are more useful as they tend to be from actual buyers and can be more thoughtful.

      1. LeeAnne

        thanks Jon. I should have known that you all would be up on the info I pointed to -promise to try to be more selective in future comments.

  8. Bill

    Many congrats, my pre-ordered copy should be here early March, if I don’t default by then !! (kidding, thanks to blogs like yours ! :-))

  9. LeeAnne

    Its my lucky day; I took the plunge a few days ago and expect to see it in the mail in the next week or two.

    Great news Yves. Looking forward to the book tour.

  10. EqOrbit

    Well deserved congrats. Your blogs have helped me tremendously in decoding the current state of affairs. Can’t wait to read it on Kindle

  11. pebird

    Congratulations!! Writing a book is in itself an accomplishment – and it is great to see your efforts rewarded.

  12. Anonymous Jones

    Congrats. What an exciting time for you. Enjoy, and I wish the book (its assuredly well-deserved) success.

  13. Doug Terpstra

    Ditto! (If I may use that word on this site.) Congrats!

    The conspiracist in me wonders if Golden Sacks bought up the pre-release printing and is even now making the publisher an offer they cannot refuse. They should have made you an offer you couldn’t refuse ($$$ I mean) a while back but it’s sure nice to know some people can’t be bought.

  14. Ceci

    Thanks for creating a kindle version. Though I don’t earn enough to be part of the 1st tier purchasers, I’m glad it’s going to be available for the kindle. I’ll snag it when it gets closer to 10 bucks. It’s disappointing that it’s going to be so expensive, but I’m not one of the complainers that give low reviews based on price. I’ll just wait until it’s at a price I can afford. I hate missing out on the “latest greatest”…but them’s the breaks.

  15. Cindy

    Looks like I preordered my 1st edition just in time! Can’t wait to read it.

    I want to chime in that the cover art is quite nice, by the way, it has sort of a hip, Mad Men feel. Hmm, hopping over to the Mad Men website, I see that not only is the guy-in-a-suit illustration very similar, so is the red and black type! This all can only help sales.

  16. Doc Holiday

    I hope in the index … remember that time you went to Alaska and I had to take over, doing visual metaphors? Oh well, Congrats!!! I hope you stay at the top of the charts for a few years~

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