1. Skippy

    Brilliant!!! What a transformation!!!

    Skippy…engageing, articulate, inviting, sanguine etc etc.

    PS. has any one told you, that you have a lovely smile and did I see a sparkle in your eyes?

  2. MDBill

    It’s good to see Yves’ ideas getting some play in the MSM. Very impressive. The video and audio were in perfect synchronization for me.

  3. burnside

    Yves, very fine.

    Especially appreciated that you left no part of the questions untended, then passed on a clear perspective. Tough to do in the context.

    Keep this up and you risk acquiring an MSM following.

  4. tfitz

    Naked Capitalism is my daily go-to site for analysis, insight into news flashes, and hopefully understanding.

    Keep up the great work.

  5. scharfy

    Despite the fact you obviously have intense feelings for these issues, you came off very level headed.

    My opinion only, but middle America internally grasps political corruption. But they don’t yet hold the bankers in that low of esteem yet. Most people actually feel that the Banks are “just another part of private industry.”

    Like them, in a way.

    Thus, silly this may sound to many on this blog, an attack on Goldman was/is viewed as a close cousin to an attack on good old capitalism.

    The lesson here would be:

    The more you link the politicians TO the bankers, the more support from the center and the right will come.

    Trust me, even a good old Bush/Cheney Iowa voter knows the deal when he sees a banker meeting with a politician. We get that. If you continue to hammer on that point – you’ll have a lot of friends in Red states. (maybe you don’t want ’em, but they would be there)

    Keep up the good work.

  6. Tyler

    Well done Yves!

    In viewing the clip it appears that you were a whole lot more comfortable in front of the camera this time, and, in light of that fact (or in turn), your strengths are really starting to come out. The BNN folks seemed to, in earnest, really appreciate or enjoy the discussion with you too.

    Looking forward to more such content in the future.

  7. Too dumb to understand complexity

    Keep doing this and more people will understand the callous ridiculous arguments being put forth by the big banksters. Way to Go!!!

  8. Joseppi

    A great performance refuting the bank apologist trying to defend the odious banksters – I second the gushing remarks by Skippy

  9. fiscalliberal

    Very well done and I hope you get on the other shows. Most important remember you have facts, logic and rationale behind you. You are the prize. They need you to bring sanity versus political talking points to their shows.

    You were able to get your points across, please do not go on shows that will not give you time to make your points. Your hosts were very good as they did not interurrupt you.

  10. Hu Flung Pu

    Great interview. Question… I assume Yves Smith and Susan Webber are the same person. If so, why the Yves Smith moniker? Just curious…

      1. Hu Flung Pu

        Ok, there’s a certain logic there. But riddle me this… do you not get questions about this from some of your consulting clients? I would think that some would see you on TV and ask themselves, “Why is Susan Webber calling herself Yves Smith?” JK Rowling is a fiction writer. She doesn’t have a corporate finance clientele that knows her by another name.

        Don’t get me wrong – I’m agnostic regarding the strategy. If it works for you then that’s all that matters. Putting myself in a client’s shoes, however, I would find it a bit odd if I had hired Susan Webber to do some project for my firm, and then saw her on TV billed as Yves Smith. Again, nothing wrong with it, just a bit of a head scratcher.

        But, again, if it’s not an issue… then it’s irrelevant, by definition.

  11. Keenan

    Very well done Yves. You punctuate your argument with flashes of fire most effectively.

    Swartzman’s feeble alibi of pointing to the pols smacks of a Flip Wilson punch line that I dimly recall from my youth: “The devil made me do it”

  12. T Owen

    Nicely done Yves. I have been feebly searching for the apt analogy for a long time and you nailed it. Paraphrasing, bankers complaining about regulatory uncertainty now is like a child killing its parents and then looking for sympathy because they are orphans. Skewered. Thanks for that.

  13. moslof

    I am very impressed with the interview and I am looking forward to your answer to “how this is all going to end”. I hope you will appeal to the audience to get their money out of these zombie banks/bonds/stocks and into the safest cash equivalents. The credibility you have gained so far could help a lot of people escape the inevitable “black hole” of a deflationary spiral. The recent levels of greed arrogance and complacency will not be reached again for generations.

  14. Independent Accountant

    Well done! You hit on something which has troubled me about the “Volker Rule”, i.e., the interconnectedness of investment and commercial banks. Unless commercial banks cannot lend to investment banks, I don’t think the Volker Rule will accomplish much if anything.
    You looked fine on camera!

  15. Francois T

    No wonder BNN has a modest, but devoted following in the US. They actually ask sane questions and let the guest talk.

    Perish the thought that a business channel would behave that way south of the 48th parallel.

    BTW…nice job Yves :-D

  16. Francois T

    Since you can explain on TV as well (if not better) than in writing, I hope you realize that your life could take a turn for the worst.

    Somehow, somewhere, someone will suggest you a Secretary of the Treasury. :-D

    (just kidding!)

  17. psychohistorian

    Nice work Yves. You are growing into video presentation skills well. I would love to see you take apart one of the banksters in real time.

    I expect your consulting clients respect your intelligence focused on their problems and would not be surprised of your success in other areas.

    Your humble reader wishes you a big future in whatever you do.

  18. Chaitanya

    Yves, I’ll take this opportunity to say “great blog”. I come to your blog first to understand financial issues.
    — a daily reader from India.

  19. Anonymous

    You go, Girl! Schwarzman– he must be joking! How did he make his billions? Loading up debt on companies and stealing their cash. And now he’s crying? Good job for calling out the crocodile tears.

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