1. Wowed

    wow! You are amazingly impressive live!! (I get the impression you were probably speaking a little loud due to background noise, and your posture seemed a little overly rigid–clearly uncomfortable about something, but those are the only quibbling points I have).

    Your interviewer looks a little greasy, but I kind of expect that from TV anchors/reporters.

    It’s too bad you don’t have more time to articulate, though. The type of analysis required is far too complex to be able to explain in 3-4 min.

  2. Delicious Pundit

    Your Humble Blogger is on Fox Business

    That makes you the first humble person in the history of Fox. Seriously, though, I didn’t know they were still even making “Cheers.” How is Norm?

  3. Alex

    Getting more of the recognition you so rightfully deserve!

    Yves Smith cohosts Squawk Box?
    Yves Smith on Charlie Rose?

  4. Amnon Portugaly


    Impressive live interview.
    You were able to transmit the message in a short four minutes.

  5. Birgit

    Ms Smith
    this is off topic but……
    You are a very attractive woman.
    This is a statement (as in being made by a woman) not a flirtatious compliment.

  6. Colted

    Great interview Yves! One of these financial networks/programs ought to hire you as one of their regular analysts. You would be great with Dylan Ratigan on MSNBC, btw.(Hint, hint, MSNBC!)

    The issues relating to information provided in prospectuses was discussed in your Fox Business interview. The following is a link to a September 2005 memo from McDermott, Will & Emery that discusses, among other things, the SEC’s “new” rules and guidelines for the “liberalization of communication” regarding bond issuance and the information that would no longer be required in prospectuses.


    It is chilling to read this memo from the standpoint of re-constructing our present economic train wreck. Yikes!

  7. m

    Way to go there, Yves.

    I agree with previous comment about the interviewer being a little bit smelly-looking.

    But you looked marvelous, and understand why they’d want to have you gracing their programming.

  8. eric anderson

    And some people say nothing on Fox is any good? Au contraire.

    The only thing wrong is that it should have been forty minutes instead of four, so you could drill down in more detail on each point. Also, the bar setting is interesting, but it seems like a gimmick. It wasn’t too distracting — just a bit of BG noise — but it doesn’t really add anything to the production. Better a simple Charlie Rose-type studio setting.

    There was a point of disagreement. The interviewer suggested that more regulations had been added. Yves, you suggested they had been relaxed. I think that would make a great hour-long show — for you to identify the specific regulations that were loosened. A laundry list with a simple explanation of each would be helpful.

    The repeal of Glass-Steagall is an obvious one. There was also a change at the SEC in March 2004 allowing banks to use different risk models to justify taking on more leverage. That was definitely a relaxing of regulation that led major commercial banks to increase their debt risk dramatically. (NY Times reference: http://tinyurl.com/yknp295 )

    What other examples of major regulations that were relaxed or rescinded would you have named, Yves, if you had the chance in a longer-form format?

      1. Hubert

        Nah, he is on FOX, he has to be loud.
        Still, he is one of the few Business TV guys with a brain and a heart .

  9. Pat McGroin

    Thanks for posting this. It’s good to be able to SEE the person whose blog I’ve been reading regularly for over a year now.

    Well done…and keep up the good work!

  10. Cynthia

    Wow, I didn’t know there’s such a thing as a money honey with brains! Sharp outfit too, Yves. And I must say that you couldn’t have picked a better outfit to go with the restaurant’s decor.

  11. Keenan

    FOX! The overbearing style of their “talent” seems to be inherent to their show biz DNA. You succeeded in making your points despite the noise of the bar crowd and the host.

    Congratulations on another good interview!

    I hope some organization may ask you to elaborate for a wider audience on yesterday’s essay, pondering the possibly brewing “Violent Backlash”.

  12. i on the ball patriot

    Great interview!

    But score one for the alcohol and tobacco drug cartel with the very suggestive setting. Only FOX would take product placement marketing to a new level and use its guests to ‘promote’ an entire gangster industry. I’m surprised they didn’t have drug addict and alcohol and tobacco Drug Lord Obama sitting in the background sucking in his daily nicotine fix …

    For a split second, when the video first hit the screen, I thought one of the bar patrons on the left was Dick Cheney …

    Deception is the strongest political force on the planet.

  13. r0tiNeK

    Great interview Yves! Did you have a scotch beforehand? 1 drink wouldn’t hurt in helping you to get your ideas flowing freely! Obviously alcohol increases performance up to a point, then after 5 drinks or more one starts to get messy! But 1 scotch wouldn’t hurt! ; ) I find 1 or 2 vodkas allows me to get the ideas flowing freely, more-so than when I’m sober! Keep up the great work! You’re getting better & better with each interview! : )

  14. Sundog

    How many times have I thought after reading one of your posts, “Damn, I sure would like to sit down with her over a drink and talk about that.” EU sovereign fudging would be the ideal topic, come to think of it, since so many threads are tied into that mess.

    Watching you with some [expletive deleted]ing [gratuitous pejorative noun deleted] from Fox of all places was, er, trying. For God’s sake, I’d have hoped at least my dogs would’ve started howling but they just fucking lay there.

    Like others I’m interested in longer-form appearances. I really hope you’ll be doing a solid hour-long book launch presentation at an institution that can post video and/or audio, or arrange for C-span’s Book TV to cover it.

  15. Doc Holiday

    Great story; this should happen every Friday!

    I wonder why banks are paying for an economic recovery surcharge …. I know, they need TARP money and “profits” for bonuses …..duh.

    See: The presidents of Arizona State University, the University of Arizona and Northern Arizona University also are recommending that an “economic recovery surcharge” that added several hundred dollars onto existing tuition bills remain in place again next year.

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